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Winter: What to do in the garden

Winter is just begun and most of us already getting some glorious and needed rain in our cities. Don’t let this cool weather make you feel down to be a gardener. Even though it is cold, work in your garden to help you a warm glow in both body and mind. 

Winter is a great time to start early spring crops from seed. Here are some winter gardening tips that help you to have a healthy and beautiful garden. 

What To Do In The Garden In Winter:

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Organize Your Seeds:

Go and check out all the seeds you have for next season’s planting and replace the ones which are lost, however organizing seeds is quite simple. But, many gardeners who have bigger seed collection use craft organizers, old fashioned recipe boxes, and photo cases to find the best one for a great harvest.

Decide What You’ll Be Planting:

Decide what you want to plant this season and which ones are worth the effort to grow again. Or, spend some time exploring new varieties like flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You should have a little area about what works better in your space and what not before you move in to next winter gardening task.

Check what’s On Sale Online and in Stores:

Make a list of what you need this season and pick up gardening supplies at discount. As this is an off-season, so many tools and equipment of gardening can be found for a great price.

Clean All Your Garden Tools:

Before keeping your garden tools away, make sure they’re rust-free and clean. Coat your tools with light coating of vegetable oil to prevent them from rusting over winter. Take a piece of cloth and clean them.  

Prune Trees And Vines:

Winter is the best time to prune climbing grapes, roses Japanese maple trees, etc. deep branches of any plant should be pruned as close to the trunk as possible to encourage their growth. Additionally, make clean quick cuts to avoid damage to living parts of the plant. Prune all fruit trees expect stone fruits.

Feed Birds:

Birds appreciate little help with finding food, especially in the winter season. So, fill feeders or hang suet blocks to help them get through this season long. Birds do ear bugs and feed on weed seeds during the growing season, attracting them just makes sense season around.

Gather Leaves For Mulching:

The leaves we see in the fall season are considered as gold for your winter garden. So, gather as many leaves as you can and add them to your compost pile that make your garden beautiful once the weather warms up.

Turn Off The Water For Your Plants:

In the winter season, the plant does not need much water for their growth. Make sure you turned off outside faucets, so the water inside the pipes doesn’t freeze and burst them. 

Protect Your Sensitive Plants:

Plants like shrubs and saplings should be covered from the winter cold. Use burlap to protect them from the cold and avoid using plastic which results in killing plants. Use twine to hold the fabric in place and ensure to check your plants periodically. 

Plan Next Year’s Garden Completely:

Make a chart to keep a list of everything you need to do in your garden. Like crop rotation, companion planting, succession planting, and plant spaces to have a healthy harvest. 

Winter is the perfect time to order your catalog’s or seeds for your next year’s garden. All these gardening tips will help you to have a perfect garden. Try them and see how it changes! 

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