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What To Grow In A Greenhouse

Greenhouse provide perfect environment for nonstop gardening and the structure of it allows you to expand your plant options and grow what wouldn’t survive in your region. But, what you should grow in a greenhouse? Want to know it, keep on reading to find out what to grow in greenhouse all year around and learn some efficient and rewarding tips for maintaining better planting season.

What To Grow In A Greenhouse?

It is quite important to know about growing seasons of the area you live in, especially if you’re a beginner. It will help you to have perfect plan for your garden as well as with seed starting process.

However, you can grow your plants year around in a greenhouse almost in all climates with few added tools. All you need to care for is proper lighting and use heat mats to seed starts or keep some tools handy. Even greenhouse appropriate heater is also very helpful in making greenhouse gardening successful in winter months.

In warmer months, proper ventilation and providing green house fans is important to see successful plants ahead.

What To Grow In A Greenhouse

Growing Based On Seasons:

Knowing what type of food grows best based on seasons will be helpful in planning out year around in greenhouse. It also depends on whether you want to grow directly in the ground or planning to start container gardening in your greenhouse.

What Grows Best In Greenhouse During Warmer Months?

Here are some vegetables you need to try growing during warmer months in your greenhouse.

  • Peppers:

Peppers are slow growing vegetables and need warm temperatures for their healthy growth. 

  • Beans:

They are many varieties of beans that grow well in greenhouse over warmer months. So, choose the best one that suits your growing conditions.

  • Melons:

Lemons like watermelons grow well in greenhouse. As they grow pretty big, ensure you have enough space for their healthy growth before planting.

  • Egg Plants:

Eggplants grow well in warmer months and they can’t germinate successfully in winter months, so, starting them in greenhouse is one of the best options.

  • Cucumbers:

Cucumber is a fast growing plant and the crop yield is abundant if you given them proper care. Make sure to provide them stalks when growing vertically in your greenhouse.

  • Zucchini And Summer Squashes:

Well, these plants need adequate space for their healthy growth. They are pretty fast growing crops which simply mean you could see pretty good bounty through the season.

  • Tomatoes:

Tomatoes grows well in warmer months, however determine your space and the variety of tomato you want to plant in greenhouse. 

What Grows Best In Greenhouse During Winter Months?

  • Spinach:

Spinach is a cool weather crop and can tolerate the cold fairly once they’re well established. However, it needs adequate protection from cold while they are still young. You can harvest them within 2-3 weeks after planting.

  • Lettuce:

Just like spinach, lettuce is also cool weather and fast growing crop. They need cooler environment of about 45-65 degrees. Water them only when the top of soil is dry enough to touch.

  • Brassicas:

Brassicas are nothing but green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, collards, kohlrabi and cauliflower. They can grow at its best and ideal for green house growing.

  • Green Onions:

Green onions grow at the best when provided with 77-75 degrees of Fahrenheit. They are very easy to grow and are actually immature onions that are harvested before the bulb matures. 

  • Microgreens:

Growing micro greens is incredibly simple and they grow quite fast in greenhouse. Growing mats and adequate lighting might help them to encourage their growth.

  • Garlic:

Growing garlic is not complicated if you ensure they have regular sunlight. They prefer soil temperature about 40-50 degrees, so provide them additional heat source during winter months.

Additional Tips For Growing In Green House:

  • Make sure your greenhouse gets enough sunlight for your plants to encourage their growth.
  • Proper humidity is a key, many varieties of plants have different requirements. So, read directions and requirements on seed packet. 
  • When growing in winter months, make sure you winterize properly before cold weather hits.

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