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Wandering Jew Plant: Care, Types, and Growing Tips

Wandering jew plants are known for their unique bright colors and their vining growth habit. The name of this plant refers to species of spiderwort, a description of the plants tendency to escape in to shady, wet regions. They even look great in hanging baskets or set atop a pedestal where the tendrils can cascade down.

This plant has green, heart shaped leaves with purple stripes and a silvery sheen. Depending on the variety, the leaves can be solid or variegated and the blooms are small with three petals and can be white or violet too.

Check out types of wandering jew plants and even growing tips.


Type Of Wandering Jew Plants:

Wandering jew plant refers to three different species in the Tradescantia genus: zebrina, pallida and fluminensis.

Tradescantia zebrine:

The leaves of this plant look exactly like zebra and middle of each half of the leaves are creamy white, with the outer edges tipped in silver.

Tradescantia pallida:

The foliage of this variety looks like deep purple with light pinkish pink flowers. This is considered as one of the most popular varieties of wandering jews.

Tradescantia fluminensis:

This variety of wandering jews has dark green leaves that contrast nicely against bright, three petaled flowers.

Caring Wandering Jew Plant:

All varieties of wandering jew plant are very easy to care for. 

  • This houseplant thrives easily in bright but indirect sunlight. The brighter the light, the more flowers it will produce.
  • Use standard potting mix to grow any type of wandering jew plant and it do even better if you provide the potting mix with good organic matter.
  • Mix equal parts of garden soil, dusting of lime, coarse sand, humus and handful of rich organic compost. Water the plant whenever the top of the soil looks dry.
  • Use water soluble fertilizer twice in a month during growing season. Or you can even use slow release fertilizer to the soil once in a year.
  • If you see the wandering jew plant bit crammed in its pot, repot it in the wider pot by adding little fresh potting soil around it.
  • Pruning is must for wandering jew plant, this plant will send out two shoots from right below the pinched area which makes them look bushier and prettier.
  • Wandering jew propagation is very easy by stem cuttings. Remove all but a few leaves off the stem cutting and then place it in a smaller pot with moist potting soil. You’ll probably see the shootings after 1 month

Pests And Diseases:

The most prominent pests to deal with while growing wandering jew plants are spider mites. The best way to prevent them is by keeping humidity high or mists your wandering jew plant. If that doesn’t work, just wash the plant off with water to rid them off from the plants. For even more infested areas, you should remove the infected part from the plant.

Root rot is the main problem to deal with when it comes to wandering jew plants. It happens due to overwatering or under watering, so you must water them adequately.

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