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17 Ways to Use Vinegar in Your Garden

For centuries, vinegar has been using as a miracle ingredient to clean our homes, improve our health and to assist in our garden too. Vinegar has numerous applications to use in your garden, look at these 17 ways to use vinegar in your garden.

17 Ways To Use Vinegar In Your Garden:

  • Get Rid Of Ants:

Ants can be seen everywhere if we have a garden. Using vinegar is the best way to repel ants from your garden. All you need to do is mix equal amount of water and vinegar in a small bottle and spray this solution on the ant’s hill of your garden.

  • Kill Weeds Easily:

Vinegar is a weed killer and can be used for effective weed control in your garden. Spray vinegar directly on the weeds, within 2-3 days it kills them completely.

  • Save Plants From Fungus:

You can protect your plants from fungus using vinegar. Mix 2 table spoons of vinegar with one cup of brewed chamomile tea and spray this mixture on the affected plants in your garden.

  • Kill Slugs And Snails:

Spraying vinegar solution on your plants will help you to prevent slugs and snails in your garden and keep them safe.

  • Keep Fruit Flies Away:

Mix 1 cup of water, ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of sugar and 1 table spoon of diluted vinegar in a small bowl. Use empty and clean tin cans, make a wire or sturdy string hanger and hang it on your fruit trees. This solution will attract fruit flies and make them to stick in it. 

  • Help Acid Loving Plants:

Spray solution of vinegar mixed with water to plants which love high acidity in the soil, this helps to increase the iron in the soil. This makes acid loving plants more happier.

  • Clean Clay Pots:

Clay pots will keep the soil cool inside the pot especially in summer, as they age they start to absorb calcium, minerals and salt from water and fertilizers which make them look ugly. If you want to bring them original glory, use vinegar to clean them and make them look prettier than before.

  • Herbicide:

Mix one gallon distilled vinegar with two table spoons of liquid dish soap and one cup of salt. Use this mixture to spray around the specific plants, you have to be very careful as it can cause harm if you use too much. Spraying white vinegar on hard to kill weeds will have them disappear in a couple of days.

  • Help With germination:

Seeds like nasturtiums and okra and other drought resistant flowers are really hard to germinate. Soaking those stubborn seeds in bowl of water by adding few drops of white vinegar overnight will help them to get flowers faster than before.

  • Kill Mold In Container:

Vinegar and water together can act as a natural mold killer in the container before replanting your favorite plants.

  • Reduce Brown Spots In Your Yard:

This one sound weird and will work only if you have a dog. Every time you fill your dogs bowl add a table spoon of vinegar which cure the brown spots and help them to pee in the right places.

  • Avoid Skin Problems:

Rinse your hands in white distilled vinegar to avoid all skin problems after working in your garden.

  • Clean Birdbath:

Clean birdbath by scrubbing it often with undiluted white distilled water and rinse it well to keep it clean.

  • Clean Rusty Garden Tools:

To remove rust from garden tools easily, soak them in undiluted vinegar for several minutes, then wipe them down. This is one of the fastest ways to remove rust on your garden tools and make them look good as new.

  • Preserve Fresh Cut Flowers:

Once you cut the stems of any flowers, their lifespan is reduced significantly. Because, roots are responsible for supplying the nutrients the plants need to survive so once they cut down even the hardiest of flowers will begin to wilt after couple of days. If you want to keep them fresh, mix 2 table spoons of vinegar with 2 table spoons of sugar in one quarter of water and put your fresh cut flowers in this solution to make them stay for longer period.

  • Avoid Animals In Garden:

Household pets, rabbits can be a nightmare for any garden. To keep unwanted animals away from your garden that destroy your plants, soak few items in distilled vinegar and place them around the perimeter of your garden.

  • Clean Outdoor Furniture:

If you have some outdoor furniture or benches in your garden, you might know how difficult it would be to clean them.

But, now it’s super easy by using vinegar, all you need to do is soak a cloth in diluted vinegar solution and wipe down all your outdoor furniture.

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