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12 Plants and Vegetables That Grow In Water For Endless Supply

If you are fond of gardening and also don’t want your hands to get dirty with soil, then you can decorate your home with greenery by those vegetables grow in water. The procedure is straightforward yet beneficial and allows you to have an endless number of different plants soothing your eyes.

List of some plants and vegetables that grow with the help of water only:

1. Garlic:

The first one on the list is garlic. If you drop some cloves of garlic into the water, then you will notice the growth of green sprouts. You can eat these green sprouts, and they can become part of your salad.

2. Chinese cabbage:

it is full of natural nutrients, what you need to do is place the root bottom of Chinese cabbage into shallow water, and after some time, you will see new leaves are growing from the top, that is healthy and full of nutrients to eat.

3. Green Onions:

To grow green onions in the water is the most inexperienced vegetables grow in the water you can imagine. All you need is a simple jar with half full of water; add some green onion bulbs to let it grow in a short period.

4. Carrot Tops:

If you place carrots in shallow water in a container and ½ inch difference, then you will see the growth of new sprouts on the top of it. These tiny leaves are edible and can be used for salads and can be mixed with honey for a mouth-watering taste.

5. Leeks:

Consuming leeks are a good source of providing Vitamin A,C, and K to the human body. To grow leeks at your home you need to ensure that you have 2 inches long bottom part of it, and once it ensures, then you can keep it in the jar of water for further growth.

6. Mint:

Mint is an excellent source to add additional flavor to your food, drinking tea, edible sweets, and making varieties of sauces. All you required to do is put the mint roots in the jar of water, and after some days you will find mint is rapidly growing.  

7. Basil:

It is not required to procure basil herbs from your convenient local store, all you need to do is put some basil seeds in water, and you will find it is proliferating for endless supply purpose.

8. Rosemary:

It is an aromatic herb and can be utilized in regular eating foods. All you need to do is grab some stems of Rosemary and put it in the jar that is full of water; after a few days, you will see the growth of the plant. 

9. Tulips:

Most people have an assumption that tulips can be grown in a garden only, but it is not quite a true statement. Now, you can grow your favorite tulip plant inside your home. All you required to do is place some tulip bulbs inside the vase with a small amount of water in it. You will see the growth after a few days.   

10. Hyacinth:

To grow hyacinth at your home you need to ensure that to place hyacinth bulbs in the jar of water, which is filled half only and have some stones in it. Also, you need to ensure that appropriate light is provided to the plant to grow at its fullest.

11. Tillandsia:

It seems astonished how Mother Nature works in its own way. This Tillandsia plant can grow with or without water; all its need is humid air to let this plant grow rapidly. But if you want, then you can pour some water to its leaves and roots.

12. Papyrus:

It’s incredible to see how natures work dramatically. This plant is similar to a thin version of a palm tree; all you need is a vase with a half fill of water to grow this plant.


Vegetables grow in water are easy to process to the final stage, and it doesn’t require an ample amount of care to look after.          

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