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Types Of Houseplant Bugs: Who They Are And What To Do About Them

What is Houseplant Bugs?

Bugs can infest both indoor as well as outdoor plants. You can notice various uncertainties in your plants which depict that your plant is infested with bugs. Its unusual growth, color, the visible bugs are some conditions which depict that it’s time for you to take an action. It is natural to find bugs around your houseplants sooner or later because they live and feed on plants. You should keep a regular check on the plants to keep them safe from the bugs and in this article we are going to talk about the various types of houseplants bugs. With a perfect hostage for your houseplants, you can prevent them from becoming victims of infestations.

Types of Bugs and how to get rid of them

If your plant is infested with a bug then it becomes essential for you to identify its type in order to secure your plant from that bug. Each bug is treated differently so here we are going to talk about the different types of bugs that are mostly found on plants in detail.

The most common types of houseplants bugs are:-


These bugs are commonly found on houseplants and they are responsible for removing sap from the plants and that stops the plant growth. The colony of bugs keeps on growing at a rapid rate and they start robbing the nutrients that are essential for the plants. You can get rid of aphids by introducing ladybugs.


If you were pondering about the most dangerous and determined team of bugs then you will found one here in the name of mealybugs. These are the types of houseplants bugs that keep coming back to your plants. If you are able to see white fluffs that appear similar to cotton then they are mealybugs. These bugs secrete a waxy substance and it is helpful in protecting them from getting sprayed off. You can spread a Q tip dipped in alcohol over the plant leaves in order to kill these bugs. Keep dozing your plant with water stream so that the bugs ultimately start getting off from the surface. Neem oil is the best remedy to keep the bugs away from the plant for longer durations.


This fly leaves your plant as soon as you spray it. It reappears on your plant as soon as you stop spraying and that makes attacking these whiteflies useless. Especially attacking the mature ones is of no use at all. However, baby house flies do not move at all. You can get rid of the larva with regular spraying and you should dip the plant leaves into insecticidal soap to not turn your plant a victim to whiteflies.

4.Scale Insects:

These plants create a colony that is hard to detect. You might never be able to notice them at first sight. These bugs contain brown sells that prevent them from pesticides and they are 3mm in length. They live by sucking the juice of plants and once the colony starts building, it will surely cause harm and damage to your plants. Scale insects can be killed using a cotton swab or Q tip after dipping in alcohol.


These bugs have wings and are hardly visible. They fly when we sprinkle the plants and they might sit on the plant adjacent to it. It makes it mandatory to isolate the plant which gets infected with this bug. The burrow of thrips suck the plant juice and they leave scarring on the plant leaves which is easily noticeable.

So here we learned about various types of houseplants bugs and the ways we can practice to get rid of them.

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