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These 5 Houseplants to boost your mood

When you increase the beauty of your home by adding houseplants, that doesn’t mean you are just adding greenery to your space. These living beautiful organisms interact with your body, mind and enhance the quality of your life too. While choosing houseplants, have a look on these 5 miracle plants which are scientifically proven to boost your mood and make you feel better. 

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is known as “Plant Of Immortality” by the Egyptians, this worshipped green was traditionally hung over doorways to ward off all evil spirits. This plant is also said to bring positive energy to the home when kept indoors. 

According to research, studies found that this plant purifies the air around us and prevent toxins like benzene, formaldehyde etc. it even releases excess amount of oxygen during nights that helps us to sleep better and less cranky in the morning. Additionally, this plant also found to reduce depression and improve memory.


Basil is not only a wonderful herb with its fragrance; it is a beautiful houseplant that produces high amount of compound called linalool which is widely used in aromatherapy. 

A study conducted by group of Japanese scientists on rats, proved that linalool exposure in high amount decreases the function of hundred genes which usually overdrive in stressful situations. 


Lavender is a gorgeous and incredibly smelling flowering herb which has been using medicinally to calm nerves, relive headaches, prevent insomnia and ease labor pains from thousands of years. Its soothing scent is still a trademark in aromatherapy treatments. Scientist’s studies in 2009 found that the scent of lavender has tangible effects in stressful situations on reducing pulse levels too.

Peace Lily:

Peace lily is a beautiful flowering plant that produces sculptural white blooms. This wonderful plant is also known to remove mold spores effectively in the air and also neutralizes toxic gases in air such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene. They are basically a natural air purifier that makes you completely comfortable to stay at your home and to enjoy your own space.

English Ivy:

English ivy is a creepy wine and effective air purifier that needs to be placed in your home to reap its benefits. NASA Scientists found that, this is one of the best air purifier houseplant. This plant is particularly skilled in sucking up carcinogens such as second hand smoke. The best part about this plant is, it doesn’t need much care and attention for its healthy growth.

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