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These 10 Cascading Plants You Can Grow Indoors for Home Decoration

Having indoor plants will make us feel comfortable and to experience fresh air around us. But, sometimes we didn’t get a chance to allow all our favorite plants in our space due to very low space. That’s why many people love to grow hanging plants that look beautiful. If you want to add those plants to your internal spaces, here are 10 best cascading plants you can grow indoors for decorating.

Cascading Plants

Peperomia – Peperomia pellucida:

Peperomia plants are unique which can be added to any of your favorite spot and the best part about this plant is you can easily spot the moment you see them. You can find different varieties in peperomia and they look stunning while growing.

Donkeys Tail:

Donkey’s tail is a succulent that grows well in any conditions. This plant even works perfect as hanging plant or just place them on tabletops as well as from ceilings in the corners of rooms too. With this plant the possibilities are endless to grow this plant indoors.

Pothos- Epipremnum Aureum:

Pothos is an easy growing plant and can be grown anywhere in your indoor space. Overwatering this plant will make them die soon, so while propagating golden pothos make sure it has expanded as much it can.

String Of Pearls:

String of pearls is a beautiful plant which has pearls like structure and looks great hanging from ceilings or on taller shelves and counters.

They are extraordinarily unique and won’t find any other plant like it.

Boston Fern:

Boston fern is a gorgeous fern which can easily hang on ceiling, counters or pots. Placing it on the floor might consume lots of space, but it also adds beauty too.

Staghorn Fern- Platycerium:

Staghorn is another beautiful hanging plant that looks great in your home. However, hanging them is pretty difficult and does require lot more care than your average houseplant needs, so it’s not recommended for the beginners to grow.

Spider Plant- Chlorophytum Comosum:

Spider plants are one of the popular houseplants to be grown. This plant even purifies the air around us and prevent chemical toxins like benzene, carbon dioxide etc. This plant looks pretty and can be propagate through water when given proper care. 

Philodendron- Philodendron Bipinnatifidum:

Philodendron is a wonderful plant that grows well even without proper care. You can even grow them as a hanging plant in your home.

Arrowhead Plant- Syngonium Podophyllum:

Arrowhead plant gets its name because of its arrow shape leaves. The leaves also have white lines which look adorable and attract you every time you see. This is a bright colored plant and makes amazing home decors for sure.

Indoor Ivy- Plural Ivies:

Indoor ivy can be grown on the walls horizontally and am damn sure your house guests will absolutely impressed by seeing them. They truly look gorgeous and add beauty to your space wherever grown.

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