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These 10 best plants for hanging baskets on front porches

Gardening is very good for health. Now a day’s home gardening becomes very interesting and home decorating thing. When it comes to hang a basket with a plant then the plant looks very nice in your entrance of the house. There are so many plants are available in the market for hanging baskets, for example, petunia, portulaca, geranium, fuchsia, impatiens, Lantana etc. If you thinking about to making your balcony more beautiful then follow the following instructions. Here this article is going to discuss about all the plants which is good for hanging pot and also looks very good in your balcony. So scroll down and see the details of all. 


Pansy is one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your hanging pot. It looks great and very beautiful in your garden or balcony. Pansy flowers are very different to look, this flowers has so many colors, like purple, yellow, white etc. This plant requires a little amount of space to grow and also you have to give water in daily basis. This plant does not a huge amount of sun light; morning sun is enough for growth.


Verbena looks awesome with its purple colored flowers. This plant needs a healthy and fertilized soil to grow. This plant does not need too much water; occasionally watering is enough for this beautiful verbena. After some days when the plant grown properly then you can easily hang it with a pot.


Fern looks great if you can maintain it. This plant needs little care to grow. And this is also very easy and fills all the blank area in the hanging pot. You have to give water in daily basis and also it requires a small amount of sun light.


This is very small and beautiful plant. These bromeliads are ideal plant when it comes to hand in front of dining window. Basically this plant is brown in color.  For this plant you have to prepare the soil with a good amount of fertilizers. And you need a big pot for this plant. Small amount of water is very good for its growth.

Pathos, golden pathos, devil’s ivy:

These plants are the best and very famous plant for your indoor condition. Most of the hanging pot is looks beautiful because of this plant. Variety of leafs are unique in this plants. 

Lipstick plant:

This lipstick plant is very famous and beneficial for your home gardening. The lipstick plants have very unique flowers in red or orange color. For growth of these plants you have to keep maintaining it regular. Water and space is very important for growth of these plants. The leaves of these plants are deep green and the stunning flowers are red.


One of the most beautiful plants in this segment. It looks very unique in its red color leaves. The leaves of these plants also have various colors, like green, red, yellow etc. Fertilizing is very important for its growth. These plants requires little amount of sun light and does not need regular watering.

English Ivy:

English ivy is also a very good plant for hanging pots. Mainly these plants are looks beautiful because of its leaves. Leaves are very dark green in color. For growing properly these days plants requires partial sun light and a good amount of water daily. These plants can grow maximum 90 to 100 feet.

Geranium varieties:

The colourful flowers of geraniums are beautiful. The flowers have so many colour like pink, white, red, orange, blue, etc little amount of sun light is required for its growth and also you have to maintain the water level of the soil. You can easily hang by using a rope and pot in front of your entrance of the home.

Sweet alyssum:

This flowers have very unique smell. The scent of this flower are sweet that can refresh your sad mind. But  these plants requires regular water and also needs a good amount of sun light. After two weeks when the plant grows properly then you can hang it in your front porches with a rope. 

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