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The Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air And Low Light Settings 16 Planter Ideas

People nowadays spent most of their time indoors. That is why it is necessary that they are provided with clean air to breathe indoors as well. Because the level of pollution in offices and apartments is more than the ones outside. This high-level of pollution indoors is caused due to synthetic building materials, pollutants, airborne molds, and viruses. And due to the energy-conservative building structure, the resultant ventilation and airflow are reduced.

Poor levels of air-quality can lead to serious mental health problems. So before it leads to wearing air masks let us plant some best indoor plants clean air, to provide ourselves with better quality air and environment.

The best indoor plants for low light
  1. Neon Pothos

The origin of this plant is French Polynesia and it will add to the style of your office or any other space. A small plant that you will need to water just once a week, can thrive on indirect light as well. It can also live in medium-to-low light as well.

2. Aglaonema:

The plant was originated in Aisa and New Guinea. This plant comes in variations and many different colors as well. This one also requires to be watered once a week and can tolerate low-light easily.

3. Dracaena:

This is a beautiful plant that can grow quite tall as well. It requires medium to bright light or direct sunlight as well. You will just need to water it regularly.

Above mentioned plants are the best indoor plants for low light as well. Now we will look at some amazing planter ideas that will help you attain cleaner air in your space.

4. Geometrical Sphere Planter

This can come in different geometrical shapes and you can also choose it to be translucent or completely opaque.

5. PineCone Hanging Planter

This is great for people who like to hang their plants. And the idea of PineCone will make it much more beautiful.

6. Fish Bowl Planters

These types of planters will add a unique style to your home or office. You can simply put these on a table and put some stones along with the soil of the plant in them.

7. Mason Jar Planter

Mason jars give a really good look to the setting once filled with beautiful plants. You can also customize them as you desire, decorating their outside with some beautiful drawings and colors.

8. Concrete Planters

You can use these as well according to the color and design of your house. You can make them in different shapes as well. Make a number of them in different sizes and place them as you desire.

9. Clay Pottery Planter

These can be used to render a look of antiquity. And you can make them in any shape as well. You can also decorate it with beautiful writings as well.

10. Log Planter

The Log Planter will give a natural look to your plant setting. As the plants blooming out only from the middle of the log with the sides being of the log.

11. Basket Planter

If you do not want to use log then you can opt for these basket types planters. They are available in many different sizes for you to choose from.

12. Rock Planter

Another natural-looking planter is that of the rocks. It can be placed near a pond or on the sides of the garden walkway.

13. Pillar shape concrete planter

You can use concrete planters that are in the shape of a pillar, you can paint them or use naturally.

14. Wooden Planter

These types of planters will give a rusty look because the wood will be worn out and old.

15. Wine Planter

You can reuse your wine bottles as planters for small plants.

16. Surfboard Planter

You can change your old surfboard into a planter and enhance the beauty of your place.

17. Star-Shaped Planter

You can make these types of planters from wood or any other material you prefer.

18. Wheel -shaped Planter

This can be used when you are placing all your plants in one space such as your garden. Place all different types of plants here.

19.Japanese Moss Planters

If you are fond of small, antique designs then this one will be the right type of planters for you.

Final Few Words

So, in the beginning, we gave some ideas for the best indoor plant clean air. You can place those plants with others in various planter ideas given in the next sections. There are many other best indoor plants for low light that can provide clean breathing air in your space, incorporate then in your office or home.

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