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15 Tall indoor Low Light Plants

Low light tall indoor plants are ideal to grow inside spaces that receive very little natural light. Live greenery adds a touch of warmness and beauty to an indoor room and its green leaves help to purify the air in the room.

Empty corners of a room are the best space to grow tall indoor plants. Look over these 15 tall indoor plants you can grow easily at low lights and pick out the best one that suits your space and lifestyle.

Snake Plant:

Snake plant is a succulent and thrives easily in very low light. They do not like cold weather though, never place them outdoors past the first frost. It can even tolerate drought conditions and purify the air, prevents harmful chemicals from our space.

English Ivy:

English ivy often called a hanging plant, with hundreds of varieties some are plain green and most of them are mixed with yellow, gold or creamy white. Just place them in any corner of your space and maintain moist soil evenly throughout the year. You can also improve drainage with a small layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot to support its healthy growth.

Lucky Bamboo:

Dracaena (lucky Bamboo) is known for its lush green foliage and straight stalk. It easily thrives in low light and perfect for office or bathroom. While growing this plant you must keep the roots covered in water and change the water for every two to three weeks. You can even transplant this plant in to soil which has good drainage.

Chinese Money Plant:

This plant is known for its flat leaves which make it a focal point in the home. It chases the sun, so you might notice more mature plants with their woody stem around to reach as much as light as possible.
Do not place this plant in the direct sun, as it thrives easily in a shady spot and grows well in the windowsill in the winter.

Weeping Fig:

Weeping fig belongs to ficus family, this plant is known for its narrow, arrow-like leaves that line the delicate woody stem. This plant looks like a larger tree and leaves will drop in winter, which is absolutely normal.

Dumb Cane:

You can easily find different varieties in dump cane to choose from, with all green leaves and others with variegated and more decorative leaves. This plant can easily reach up to 5 feet tall and works perfectly for your dark places.

Devil’s Ivy:

Devils ivy works great as a hanging plant or clings to moss stick and climbing using its aerial roots for its support. It has big beautiful heart-shaped leaves and that’s the reason this plant is also called as sweetheart vine and the best part is it is impossible to kill this plant. This plant looks attractive even in low light but the ideal condition is bright with indirect sunlight.

Peace Lily:

Peace lily can easily thrive in indirect sunlight and appreciate being kept on any intense sunlight. This plant enjoys keeping it warm, especially in winter season so you must keep them away from cool draughts. Low light will make this plant look more attractive with green foliage.


Pothos is a low light lover that makes a good entry point into growing houseplants. This plant handles a wide range of conditions and still performs great. Generally, it should have low to moderate light and should dry out completely before watering for the next time.

Chinese Evergreen:

Chinese evergreen is originated from the tropical rain forest of Asia. It can reach up to 3 feet in height as well as wide. This large indoor plant has large leaves that are typically variated in colours like silver or green. Sometimes, this plant produces a bloom that resembles the bloom of peace lily. It doesn’t require much light to grow, but it should be warm enough.

Monstera In a Pot:

Monstera is a show stopper and also known as Swiss-cheese plant. This plant works great for corners and adds a big, bold tropical feel to your space. It can survive in any type of condition easily and helps to purify the air around you.

Cast Iron Plant:

This plant is tough as nails and grow in full shade and even not picky about regular water either. You can place this plant in any corner of your choice to add some beauty to your space.

Aralia Ming:

Aralia Ming is often called a happy plant to be placed in your space to count on. Because this plant can happily survive in low light and it even requires very little water for its growth.

Parlour Palm:

Parlour palm is a low light indoor plant which is easy to care and ideal for any room of your home or office. This is a slow-growing tree with rich green, slightly arched leaves. Place this plant away from the direct sunlight and water them only when the soil dries out completely, feed a balanced fertilizer once in a month.

Bird Of Paradise:

Bird of paradise is a very tall indoor plant and looks unique because of its blooms. Its blooms are the last longing, which appears in mid-summer and lasting for weeks. This low indoor tree will reach around 10 feet tall when matures and have 6-foot spread.

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