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Soaking Seeds Before Planting is Necessary

Soaking Seeds Before Planting is Necessary

Spring season is here and many people are planning to start their wonderful vegetable garden. Planting seeds indoors or outdoors is one of the cheapest ways to start vegetable garden. But, did you know soaking seeds before planting increases its germination rate? And do you think is it necessary to soak seeds before planting? Of course yes. Let’s see why it is necessary and how to soak seeds before planting to have healthy vegetable garden.

Is It Necessary To Soak Seeds Before Planting?

Yes, it is quite important to soak seeds in warm water before planting. Because they can not only increase germination rate but also helps to remove natural defenses of seeds. 

Generally, seeds have everything to grow in to a plant as long as they receive enough nutrients from sunlight, water and soil. However, they should also break out of the hard shell in which they’re encased. So, soaking them in warm water softens the shell and allows the germination process easier and happier.

In addition, seeds can also detect when it’s time to germinate based on temperature and moisture level of surrounding environment. Soaking them creates a moisture level necessary for germination and the warmth of water sends a signal to seeds that it’s time to grow.

Best Seeds To Soak:

Some of best candidates for seed soaking are pumpkin, squash, beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, beets and sunflowers. However, not every seeds benefit from being soaked so it’s better to consider tiny seeds as poor one for soaking. Avoid soaking seeds of carrots, lettuce, radishes and turnips. 

How To Soak Seeds:

Take a shallow bowl and fill them with warm water, then place seeds in it. Make sure they covered completely and many seeds will expand when soaked so be sure there is enough room and water for your seeds.

Don’t forget to research about each seeds before soaking, because each seed has its own temperature rules to germinate. After placing seeds in water, allow them to soak for 8-24 hours and do not remove them even after the water has cooled. But, don’t allow them to soak more than 24 hours it might lead them to rotting.

Planting Soaked Seeds:

You must plant soaked seeds immediately and one of the best ways to soak seeds is to put them in water the night before and plant first in the morning. Seeds tend to clump and that is why it is important to separate them before planting with proper spacing and depth.

Make sure the soil is moist, but not completely wet. Moist soil will keep the shell of seed for faster germination. Soaking seeds works perfectly when the soil in your garden is dry and if your soil is wet and the temperature is cool, seed soaking is not necessary.

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