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Snake Plant Care: How To Grow And Care For a Snake Plant

Snake Plant is also called Mother in Laws Tongue plant which is the most popular and hardy houseplant. This particular plant comes from the sanseveria family, that has 70 species the most popular being the gold hanii and laurentii. Today, most of these plants come from central America and Caribbean.

How to grow and care snake plant

This plant is also considered as one of the easiest plant and attractive plant to grow indoors. With tall rigid sword shaped leaves that grow up to three feet height, and the coloration in various stripes of green and gray with yellow edges. It also adds architectural emphasis suitable to many indoor styles and the best part is it improves indoor air quality by preventive toxin gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen oxides.

Check out how to care and grow this plant and keep them happiest.

How To Plant Snake Plants?

  • Choose a container which is wide enough and fill it with the potting mix or a succulent mix is ideal as it will resist becoming oversaturated in water.
  • Don’t bury the plant too deep while planting, it should be planted as it had been in its prior container.
  • If you are planting it in the garden, make sure to plant it in the place where it gets bright indirect sunlight. 
  • Keep the plant in warm temperature above 50 degree Fahrenheit. Protect it from drafty windows in winter season.

How To Care Snake Plant:

  • Snake plants do well, when you forget them completely. Allow the soil to dry between watering and take extra special care not to over water in winter.
  • Place your plant in indirect sunlight and fertilize it during growing season with all purpose plant food.
  • Wipe leaves using damp cloth as needed to remove dust from the plants.
  • Divide the repot in the spring and cut out a section containing both leaves and roots. Then place in a pot with well drained potting mix.
  • This plant even gives you greenish white flower clusters on tall spikes, if its pot bound.
  • Propagate them through leaf cuttings, just cut 2-3 inch pieces of a leaf and place them 1 inch deep in the soil appropriate for snake plant.
  • Make sure the plant cutting is facing up, the same direction they were growing.

Pests And Diseases:

  • Root rot cause due to over watering of plant. Make sure to avoid too much water for your plant.

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