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Small Vegetable Garden Ideas: Get the Most Bang for your Buck!

If you have a small garden and want to do something about it, then here are some best small garden ideas that will help you to get most bang of your vegetable gardening buck. You can easily harvest fresh and healthy vegetables in limited space.

Small Garden Ideas:

Container Gardening Works Best:

Container gardening works perfect for small areas. You can easily tuck full of vegetables on a porch and hang some from an arbor or line them up in a side yard. You need to fill the container with good soil, plant your seeds or seedlings and water them. 

Container gardening also allows you to extend the season and you can place the pots wherever you want to catch the sun light. You can even place them inside if frost is threatening before your crop is ready to harvest.

Consider Terracing In Your Small Tiny Garden:

Having terrace in your garden will give you easy access to care for your vegetable plants and to harvest, it even prevents soil erosion and retains water in your growing area. This method used extensively in vineyards to allow growers to turn hillsides in to a growing area. You can easily adapt this method in your home garden by creating a garden bed at lowest level, boards or concrete blocks to retain next level.

Transform Unexpected Spaces:

You might not have enough space to maintain nice traditional garden, but that shouldn’t hinder you from growing your own food. If you have enough lights coming in, windowsills work great to grow some of the herbs. Additionally herbs are big time money savors. 

If any space in your garden gets good sunlight throughout the day, then put some good soil in it to create raised beds. You can also make bags and planters which made from banana stumps. Even though banana stumps last only for a season, but they worked for many purposes in your garden.

Try Square Foot Gardening:

Square foot gardening planting method utilizes special planting mix to assure best production. This is one of the most popular small garden idea many people utilizing these days. 

Here are some best vegetables to choose for small garden.

Vegetables For Your Small Garden:

It makes sense to choose animals that are great producers in your garden. Below are some best vegetables to get the most from your space.

  • Squash:

Squash is one of the best vegetable to grow in small garden, it also does well in container too. It takes fair amount of space and also prolific. Choose small variety like patty pan to use very less space or make use of tomato cage for growing squash more upright.

  • Tomatoes:

Tomatoes will take very little space in your garden. It produces steady flow of ripe and fresh fruits during summer months. 

  • Hot Peppers:

Once planted, this plant keeps on giving you fruit all season long, so you’ll get a chance of spicing up your delicious meals throughout the summer. Plant them in a container and place it in the spot where it gets enough sunlight and water them whenever the top of soil feels dry.

  • Green Beans:

Bush beans works perfect to grow in a container and a happy green bean plant will awe you with many pods you can pull off during the season. Probably the bush bean plants can produce colander of full beans every few days.


Eggplant roughly takes 15 square inches of space and once plant it continually produces fruit throughout the growing season. Varieties that put out larger fruit might take up more space.


Cucumbers are one of the easiest and healthiest vegetable to grow in any type of garden. Growing them vertically will save space on the ground to plant more crops. But no matter how you grow them, healthy cucumber plant keeps on producing high yields over a long period.

Root Vegetables:

Root vegetables like radishes, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes also work great in small garden. They do not need enough space, a large wide container is quite enough to spread their roots. Make sure to keep the soil cool enough for their healthy growth.

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