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Six Flowers to Grow In the Vegetable Garden

Flowers in your vegetable garden can be one of the best options to grow your vegetables with more success. Planting flowers in your vegetable garden can improve the biodiversity level. It can also reduce pest problems also. 

According to the experts, gardeners should have a border of flowers in his vegetable garden. But there are very few flowers that can afford the best results. The main reason of choosing those flowers are, generally those flowers can attract those beneficial insects very much in the desirable place. In the perm culture garden, this particular habit can provide your garden a more balanced biodiversity to your veggies. This initiative can surely provide you a benefit of those insects who would locate your green vegetables with more ease. Further these upper effects, planting flowers in your vegetable garden can also help you to avoid the erosion of the soil.

Now the question is how one should use those flowers in his vegetable garden? So the answer is here; one should have those seedlings of flowers in his garden after when your garden is fully ready with vegetables. Those rows of your flowers should be rearranged by the rows of your vegetables. 

Although there are various kinds of flowers are available in the market, but there are quite a few names of the flowers which can be very much effective than those of the rest. For example one can go with Calendula, California Poppy etc. now we are going to discuss about some of these flowers in detailed form. Let’s start it.

  • Calendula (calendula officinalis):calendula will be my first choice in this work. This annual flower would provide some of the best results then the others.

This cheerful flower with his yellow color can grow almost 18-24 inches tall. Its sticky saps help to resist those pests like aphids and whiteflies and keep those nearby crops safe from them.

This flower attracts those beneficial insects along with pollinators. Insects like ladybugs, hoverflies etc. These insects are enjoying not only the nectar of the flower but also the buffer their favorite pests also. Calendula can help your vegetables as a cover crop in the winter season. Then can hold the soil very well in the place. It can also dazzle the landscape as it brings such bright and cheerful look in your garden. It gives you that cherry fresh atmosphere also. One can use this flower as a fruit tree guide. Because calendula is a multifunctional flower for a perm culture garden. One more thing that one should know about this flower that it has a power of anti-viral and anti-bacterial components along with it. It can provide your vegetable a layer of protection around it.

  • California poppy (Eschscholzia Californica): This flower is also one of the best choices about this matter. As this plant is a very quick grower, one can plant this flower in his garden in very quick period. it is very much fascinated that its deep roots can really clay the soil very much well and it can soften the soil also with ease. This yellow fellow has an ability to tell you about the weather condition very properly. This flower can tell you that it’s going to be rain by closing up. In night it closes up also. Like others it can also attract those beneficial insects like lacy foliage. This flower can grow almost 12 inches. 

For all those over mentioned reasons an individual can go with this particular plant. This can surely help you to grow up your vegetables properly.

  • German Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla): The cutest in this list, this flower is very much useful in the job of this matter. Like those of the others it also allows those beneficial insects along with pollinators. This flower can grow up to 12 inches and it’s deep roots can manage to supply those useful nutrients to the soil. This benefit helps your vegetable plants to have that little extra nutrient within it. In the end of the season when your gardening has been finished, you should cut the plants back to allow the nutrients back in your soil properly which were once produced by this category of flower.
  • Cilantro (Coriandrum Sativum): This is a strong topic of debate about loving this plant. If you wanted to have this plant in your garden then that depends on about your love to this plant. Weather you love this plant or not but one should have this plant in his garden because of its strong scent that it could really resists those pests.

As belonging from carrot family its root goes so much deep in the soil and avoids soil erosion. This flower can actually attract those beneficial insects and lacy foliage very well. This category of flower can grow up to 2 feet taller. We see that this upright growth allows the sunlight to the sorter crops very well.

  • Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus): This is an annual plant with peppery leaves and flowers. Its strong scent repels pests. This is a plant with a low growing rate. It grows almost up to 12-18 inches. It can be an excellent stuff for mulching and it also covers the soil very much in the underneath. One more thing that one should remind is slowly growing flowers are the favorite edible in the landscape form.
  • Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritime): it’s a low growing plant which is very much popular in landscape border. The pleasant scent of this plant attracts those of the beneficial insects as well as that foliage also. This flower has a various numbers of colors available in the market. But the white color of this category attracts those insects more then the others. One can observe a large numbers of hoverflies around it. It is so much effective as mulch because of its deep root which is able to hold the soil very properly. It can be one’s most favorite plant in the case of edible landscape.

As a conclusion one can suggest these six flowers in his garden to plant their vegetable properly.

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