Gardening is so beneficial for your kids. Kids are always very enthusiastic and they are always wanted to know new things. Teaching your kids about gardening is not only good for gardening it’s also teaches them disciplines. Responsibilities are one of the most important things for a person and gardeners are very responsible. So if your kids are interested in gardening then they will become a responsible person in future. Gardening is an interesting thing for kids, because they like to do experiments with new things. Different plants had different climate to grow. It is not an easy thing. In this beautiful green world there are so many types of gardening, for example flowers gardening, woodland Gardening, rock gardening, herbs and vegetables gardening, raised bed gardening, etc. one of the most loved gardening by kids is flower gardening and vegetable gardening. Here are the six steps to gardening with kids are shown in the following. 

Step 1: Find a good spot: 

As I said different plants has different climate to grow. April is the most suitable weather for planting starters and seeds. Vegetable garden is a good choice to start with. Gardening is also good for physical activities. The most important thing is choosing the right time and perfect place because right time and a good place can increase the growth of a seed. 

Firstly keep distance from home and also make sure thak the sunshine is perfect. Also arrange a good source of water. Next you have to prepare the soil. To prepare the soil you can use some amount of fertiliser but don’t use too much, because too much fertilisers can harm your kids. Kids are also loves to play with soil.

Step 2: Choosing a suitable plant: 

After preparing the soil it’s comes to choosing the best plant. Choosing a plant is a vital part because not every plant is suitable for every climate and every soil. As I said before that kids are more like the flower and vegetables gardening, so these two are the best for gardening with kids. 

If you choose flower then Agapanthus, Zinnias, Peach Blossom, Statice, Anemone etc are the best for Spring. Cockscomb, Amaranths, Calla lily etc are the best for summer. Kangaroo paw, Acashia, Allium etc are best for Autumn and for Winter Blanca lily, Pansy, Alstromeria etc are the best. 

Coming to the vegetables in summer you can choose tomatoes, zucchini, capsicum etc. For autumn broccoli, cauliflowers etc are best. Carrots, onions etc are best for winter and you can choose basil, mints etc in spring time.

Step 3: How to plant:

If you want to teach your kids how to plant a plant then you have to follow these easy steps.  First encourage them towards gardening. For planting a plant firstly you have to dig a hole, make sure that the hole is big enough for the plant’s root. Then moist the root by watering on it and then put in the hole. After that settle the plant and put all the soil and mix some fertiliser. Then give some amount of water on the soil. 

Step 4: educate your kids: 

Educate your kids about all the things you done previously. If they cannot remember this then write all the steps on a paper and give them. And also put a flag on the plant. This will help your kids to remember the name of the plant and step by reading those flags again and again.

Step 5: Adding Mulch:

Fertilising is one of the most important part when it comes to planting a plant. After all those steps like digging, planting, watering etc, the last important part is adding mulch. You have to add mulch on the soil after filling the hole. Adding mulch is so beneficial because it’s helps to improve the composition power of the soil.

Step 6: Maintenance: 

The 5th step is to maintain the growth of the plant by watering, fertilising etc. also you have to notice the schedule of sunshine and by covering the plants you have protect the plants from heavy sunlight. Proper watering is also very important part when it comes to planting. By giving the water properly and keeping the soil wet you have to maintain the water level of the soil. 


From the above analysis it can be said that gardening with kids is not just for entertain it is also for making your child discipline and responsible. They will give their full attention and support. Gardening can make a good habit amongst the kids by daily watering and looking after the plants. It will give them the chance of a direct encounter with nature. They can learn about plants and soil even they can learn about the necessity of planting trees. 

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