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10 Rare And Unique Houseplants You Will Love

If you are fed up of seeing those same houseplants in every garden centre you visit, don’t worry. We came up with 10 rare and unique houseplants you will love to place them in your indoor space. 

The reason why you see the same plants like spider plant, aloe vera, English ivy, pothos, etc  again and again in the stores because these plants are very easy to take care and transport too. Some will even do well in low light conditions and some others need little bit of care for them to thrive.

Nature is wonderful and we have many different types of plants available, so there is no need to limit ourselves to choose a special plant that need to be in your home. Have a look on these 10 unique plants which will definitely make you fall for them.

10 Rare and Unique Houseplants:

  • Desert Rose:

The Desert Rose comes from the desert. This plant is from the deserts of Africa and the Middle East to be more precise. The flowers of this plant will glow up and add beauty to your room and even without flowers it’s a great focal point in your garden.

As it’s a dessert plant, it’s okay if you forgot to water it occasionally. Just make sure the soil dries out completely between watering.

  • Pencil Cactus:

Cactus comes in different sizes, shapes but pencil cactus is one of the unusual one. Cactus gets its name, because it looks like a bunch of pencils. This plant loves sunny spot, so place it near the windowsill and water it only once in a month. When watering, thoroughly saturate the soil until it drains out completely from the bottom of the pot.

Pencil Cactus
  • Club Moss:

Club Moss is the perfect plant to choose especially if you are looking for a terrarium plant. This plant easily thrives in low light conditions and maintains compact size.

Make sure to water this plant frequently and don’t allow the top of the soil to dry out completely. However it does require little humidity to thrive, so remember this thing while bringing it to your home.

  • Black Bat Flower:

Black bat flower is one of the strongest flowers you’ve ever seen in your life. This flower looks stunning and blooms from later summer in to fall, that means it will probably be flowering around the Halloween.

Black Bat Flower

This is a tropical plant and doesn’t like temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. North windowsill is the best place to keep this plant and don’t put this under direct sun and make sure the soil dry out between watering.

  • Tweedle Dee Begonia:

This plant look like bonsai tree, but it’s actually a begonia and has stunning truck and cute little leaves with silver edge marking. 

Tweedle Dee Begonia does fine in partial sun, so west facing window would work well. This plant also needs high humidity levels probably more than 50%.

  • Night Blooming Jasmine:

This is the most fragrant rare houseplant that fills your room with sweet smell. This plant has dark green leaves and produce tiny white flowers that looks stunning. They usually open at night to release strong, rich romantic smell.

Night blooming jasmine love sun, so keep this plant near window sill and make sure that the soil dry’s between watering.

  • Polka Dot Begonia:

We have different types of begonia plants around us, polka dot begonia is one of the best plant to choose. This plant has beautiful leaves with dots of white color which make it different and unique from others.

Polka Dot Begonia

This plant doesn’t require full sun to thrive healthily, so easterly or westerly window is fine. Don’t overwater this plant.

  • Albuca Frizzle Sizzle:

Frizzle Sizzle has thick spiraled leaves that give modern and architectural look to any room. Especially in the spring this plant produces sweet smelling flowers and sometimes the leaves turn brown when it flowers. If you want to avoid this problem, just snip them off when they start to grow.

This plant needs lots of light to thrive healthily, or place it in the south facing window.

  • Banana Shrub:

Banana shrub isn’t actually from the banana plant, it’s generally from Magnolia family of plants. This plant got its name because the flowers of this plant smell like bananas.

Place this plant near south facing window and make sure to water it once in a month.

  • Never Plant:

Never plant is from South America and it looks absolutely stunning in your room. This plant is also called Nerve Plant because of the bright red veins of leaves and can drive in low humidity. Additionally, it’s a pretty easy grower and will look gorgeous in any room.

Snake and spider plant might look pretty, but why not to add these wonderful plants to your plant collection.

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