Womens homestead gardeing INDOOR PLANTS Put white Vinegar on Your Plants and See what Will Happend

Put white Vinegar on Your Plants and See what Will Happend

Most of the people aren’t aware of the benefits of vinegar. Vinegar does wonders for your garden if you use it in the proper way. Let’s see what happens when you use vinegar for your plants in the garden.

How To Use Vinegar In Your Garden?

Vinegar is an excellent solution to prevent organic weed in your garden. Spraying the solution directly on weed strips off the foliage waxy cuticle and protects the plants cells from losing water. Make sure it is not sprayed directly on the plants, because it will kill it through desiccation.

Instead of using those chemically filled solutions for your plants, give it a try of using vinegar in your garden to see excellent results. Mixing one part of vinegar with one part of water will keep ants and rodents away from your garden too. 

Mix one part of vinegar with 2 table spoons of sugar and add this mixture to the water in vase to see fresh flowers every time. 

Apart from using vinegar in your garden, this wonderful solution is also used to clean disinfect products for your toilet too.

How To Use Vinegar At Home:

vinegar will make your bathroom cleaner and safer, it clean external dirt and disinfect the toilet with vinegar.

What You Need:

  • 9% of vinegar
  • Baking soda or iodine solution

How To Use It With Soda:

Heat a glass of vinegar to 40 degree centigrade, then mix it with soda. For 200 grams of vinegar, you need one table spoon of soda. Once you mix them, pour it in the toilet tank for several hours. It’s better to use it night, so that it can stay all over night to clean it completely. You can repeat it several times.

How To Use It Without Soda:

Firstly empty the water tank and close the tap. Use a dry cloth to wipe the tank and apply a cloth moistened with vinegar to stained area. After 4 hours you can clean the dirt with a scraper. 

What Vinegar Does In Cleaning?

  • Vinegar dissolves lime scale and cleans the metal from the rust.
  • Vinegar removes unpleasant odors from your rest room.
  • Kills shigella bacteria and E coli.

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