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It’s Zucchini Season! How You’ve Been Growing Them All Wrong

Zucchini are one of the easiest vegetables to grow that produce more than you expect in your garden. But did you know that you can produce more than you need by following three simple things. If you aren’t known of these surprising and simple things, just keep on reading the complete article.

  • Pruning And Staking Zucchini Like Tomatoes:

Like tomatoes Zucchini need to be pruned so that they can less susceptible to diseases.

  • Pruning:

Firstly remove or prune all the leaves at the base of the plant. Because Zucchini leaf stems are hollow that becomes solid when they get to the stem of the plant. Hollow stem portions can easily prone to bugs and diseases so make sure you get right close to the plant stem when removing the leaves at the base of the plant. 

Pruning away damaged leaves will not only keep diseases away, it even helps in preventing slow powdery mildew by creating greater air circulation to overall plant.

  • Staking:

As zucchini comes from single stem, it is sprawled and dirty on the ground covered in decaying leaves. So planting a stake next right to the main stem will help it to grow in the right position     

  • Plant Them Close:

Most of the gardeners suggest us to plant Zucchini of atleast 24 inches apart, but planting them by spacing only 1 inch is fine especially when you are staking and pruning them.  

  • Powdery Mildew On Zucchini:

Powdery mildew is a long, slow and torturous death on Zucchini plant and it can able to withstand for a quite long time. But the good news is you can take few steps to slow down powdery mildew on Zucchini plant.

Staking and pruning can keep powdery mildew at bay but for extra protection spray mixture of apple cider vinegar and water on Zucchini plant for safe side.

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