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How To Use Everything on Your Homestead – 6 Best Ideas to Get Started

Homesteading is all about growing our own fresh, organic vegetables and fruits and raising our animals. It became a hobby for many people around the world. Being self sufficient is another aspect to consider when it comes to homesteading. And that’s the reason you must learn how to use everything on your homestead to waste nothing. 

When you were a beginner you might not have any idea on what to use and where to use, but having a plan before you start is the best way to lead everything right.

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So, if you want to use everything on your homestead, here are 6 best ideas to get started.

Broken Eggs:

We always throw those broken eggs from our chickens in to the bins, Right? Instead of throwing it out, put them in your compost or scramble it up and give it them back for your chickens as breakfast. You can even feed those eggs to your livestock dogs.

Even if the egg isn’t broken, don’t forget to use its shell in different ways on your homestead.

Extra Food From Kitchen:

You can use extra food or scraps from your kitchen in your compost pile or to your animals. For examples, we eat apples in our breakfast and throw the waste in the bin, instead give it to the chickens when we finish. 

Extra Milk:

What you do when you have left with extra milk in your home? If you don’t have any idea about what to do with that extra milk and running out of the time, let me tell you this, you can store it for later use like cooking or to make cheese. You can also feed your chickens in their fermented feed or else for your pigs. 

You can even make a lather soap using extra milk, do some research to make chemical free soap.

Scraps Of Your Garden:

If you left with extra stuff from your garden like bumper crop of different veggies or green beans, pumpkin seeds, pepper etc, toss them to goats or chickens for their special treat.

Maintain Clean Garden:

Once your plants are done producing, pull them off and add them to your compost or to your animals.

Chicken Coop And Clean Up Goat Stall:

When cleaning the straw and poop out of your coops and stalls, don’t throw it out. Just put that in to your compost pile and add it to your garden for coming years.

Doing these things for your homestead will not only save you money, it also turns your venture in to profitable homestead.

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