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Winter Houseplant Care: Key Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Plants Alive

Winter is a great time for many of us to enjoy chilly weather, cozy blankets with warm fires and shorter days. But, indoor houseplants have tough time surviving the winter especially if the climate has freezing temperatures. Fortunately, there are lot of things you can do to care your houseplants in this season and keep them alive.

Below are some key points, you need to follow to maintain healthy houseplants even in winter.

Reduce Watering Your Plants:

Even though the plants are inside, the majority of houseplants go dormant in the fall and winter months. As they are dormant, they don’t need much water to survive, water them when the top of the soil is dry over an inch below. Overwatering your plant might result in causing root rot, fungus, mold and host of other issues. Don’t overwater them.

Always Use Room Temperature Water:

Never appreciate the shock of ice cold water on your plants, make sure to maintain room temperature water.

Replace Them When Needed:

If the light sources are coming only from once side, then houseplants need to be rotated even in winter. Replace them for once in a month so that they get adequate amount of sunlight for their healthy growth.

Keep Them Away From Direct Heat Or Cold Drafts:

Move your plants away from any heating vents and standing heaters. You must keep them away from the open doors and windows too, they don’t like frigid drafts.

Clean Your Plants:

We don’t have much sunlight in winter, so all you need to do is clean your houseplants with a wet cloth and keep them dust free. So that they can take full advantage little light they get. Every couple of weeks, keep your plants in the bath tub or use a handheld spray to gives the leaves a gentle shower.

Cut Down Fertilizer:

Resist the urge to use fertilize your houseplants during colder or winter months, especially when the growth is naturally at its slowest. Resume feeding, once the weather warms up and your plants start to grow again.

Don’t Repot Your Plants Until Spring:

Plants need heavy strength to survive in winter, so it’s better to hold off on repotting until spring season.

Watch Out For Pests:

Winter pests are the main problem for many houseplants, especially for window plants. Once they find your plants, they can easily spread throughout the house and do lot of damage. Watch out for pests like spider mites, mealy bugs etc, isolate the plant and treat them immediately.

Consider Grow Light For Short Days:

If the days are particularly short and dark in your area, use LED light to provide extra light for your houseplants that gives extra energy. And keep in mind that the color of light affects how the plants will grow.

Add Extra Water For Vacations:

If you have planned to go out for a vacation in this time, then break the low water rule and give your houseplants an extra soaking so they will stay healthy for longer periods.

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