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7 House Plants That Are Actually Pink

Sharing your space by placing some house plants will make you feel the fresh air inside the home itself. House plants will not only add greenery to our home, they even purify the air around us.

Have you ever heard about pink plants that attract people with their beautiful and colorful leaves? No, keep on reading to know about there stunning houseplants which are actually pink and very beautiful to look to.

Check out those 7 plants below. Scroll it down.

1.Variegated Rubber Plant (Ficus Doescheri):

These plants can easily thrive with low maintenance, especially the ones with the variegated beauties. Grow these plants in a big container, so that they can grow up to towering heights, planting them in small pots might restrict their growth.

2. Pink Princess Philodendron (Philodendron Erubescens):

The leaves of the plant look exactly like painted leaves with colors. Leaves are splashed, spotted and streaked with color and this plant can grow well in indirect sunlight and moist but well-drained soil.

3.Tri-Color Oyster Plant:

This plant is also called Moses in the cradle and its leaves are in gold and pinkish color on the top and purple on the undersides. They look pretty dramatic and striking. This plant is very easy to take care of and works both indoors and outdoors. It needs medium to bright light for its healthy growth and water them once or twice a week.

4. Polks Dot Or Freckle Face Plant (Hypoestes Phylloestachya):

This plant is very easy to grow indoors and typically known for its unusual and striking foliage colors. Its vivid color pattern is a very popular and eye-catching addition to a miniature garden container. Keep the soil in the container moist, but not constantly soaked.

5. Wandering Jew ( Tradescantia Tricolor):

Even though this plant is tougher to source but once you find one they are versatile and very easy to care for, it’s a very good plant to keep around in your home. Maintain adequate sunlight for its healthy growth, because too many light results in scorching the leaves and too little light will result in losing color and pattern of the leaves.

6. Nerve Plants (Fittonia Albivenis):

This plant is known for its vein pattern on its leaves. Although the most common color is white, you can even find them in pale pink variety too. These plants need constant moisture for their healthy growth and they don’t like full sunlight as their leaves will turn brown with too much exposure.

7.Calathia Tristar ( Stromanthe sanguine):

This plant is closely related to the Maranatha family and likes to be moist, not wet and can’t do well in direct sun light. Once you get them to your homes, you will fell in love with their striking variegated lead patterns of the plant.

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