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6 Ways To Grow More Tomatoes In Containers

Tomatoes are perfect plants for any garden especially for small spaces. They offer magic at its best by transforming yellow blossoms in to juicy fruits and the amazing part about tomatoes is their adaptability. Tomatoes can grow well even in  containers too.

Most of the people love to grow tomatoes in containers. This is why we are here to let you know 6 simple ways to grow more and more tomatoes in containers.

6 Simple Ways To Grow Tomatoes In Containers:

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  • Choose The Right Size Container For The Particular Variety:

For bush or vining cherry tomatoes, you must choose the container which is about six liter for dwarf.

For larger beefsteak tomatoes, the container should be at least ten liters.

  • Instead Of Beefsteak Tomatoes, Grow Cherry Tomatoes For Larger Harvest:

Cherry tomatoes grow easily and considered as a best crop when compared with others. Bush cherry tomatoes are perfect for small and hanging pots, below are some of the varieties to include:

  • Microtom
  • Balconi Red
  • Minibel
  • Balconi Yellow

And vine cherry tomato varieties include:

  • Sungold
  • Sun cherry premium
  • Red cherry
  • Black cherry
  • Make Sure That The Tomatoes Receive Good Supply Of Air:

Make sure the container of your tomato plant has holes at the bottom for the roots to breathe.

Don’t forget to add 10% of perlite to your growing mix when planting your plant in container.

If you cannot see the holes at the bottom of the container, drill in it by inserting a tube in to the growing mix.

  • Use Stakes And Strings To Support Your Tomatoes:

Supporting your tomatoes using stake and strings will help them to grow well.

  • Water Them When Needed:

Water them once in a week and adding a cup of used washing up acts as wetting agent that helps to rewet areas that have dried out.

  • Fertilize It Often:

Ensure to apply liquid fertilizer for your plant to prevent all types of pests and diseases.

Using all this simple tips will allow you to have a great harvest of tomatoes at the right time.

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