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Grow These Plants Side-By-Side For A Thriving Garden

Did you know planting some vegetables and herbs side by side will make them grow healthier and tastier than before? Scientifically, the process of growing plants side by side is called companion planting. Companion will help each other to grow and use garden space efficiently and some coupling even prevents pest’s problems too. 

Let’s see some of those combinations to maintain a healthy garden. With proper care, both the plants in companion will thrive easily within no time.

Plants That Grow Side By Side:

Cucumbers And Sunflowers:

Planting sunflowers along with cucumbers plants will provide them enough shade and vine up the stalk. Because cucumbers can easily be dried up in heat, planting them near sunflower plant will protect them from hot mid day heat with its shade. As we know sunflowers looks great in any garden, but now they turns out to be practical as well.

Cucumbers And Radishes:

Cucumbers and radishes is one of the more common pairing in companion planting. Planting cucumbers near radishes will easily get rid of beetles without the use of toxic pesticides. Additionally cucumber improves the health and growth of radishes too.

Cabbage And Tomatoes:

Tomatoes and cabbages are considered as a one of the best companion to be planted in your garden. Tomatoes will get rid of the biggest enemy of cabbage called diamond backed moth, where cabbage will keep the tomatoes bollworm at bay. It means both the vegetables have mutual understanding for their healthy growth.

Beans And Corns:

Planting beans and corns together will help the beans to attract insects that are beneficial. These insects will destroy other insects that would like nothing more than to destroy your corns. Even the bean vines can use the tall corn plants to climb up the corn stalks for their growth.

Onions And Carrots:

Planting onions near carrots will guard them by taking care of nasty interlopers, like carrot fly etc. You can even plant chives, leeks which also helps in repelling those pests from your plants.

Lettuce And Carrots:

Planting lettuce between the rows of the carrots will reduce the chances of weed growth by creating a shade. The best part about this pair is, once the veggie start growing it needs more space, just harvest the lettuce to make it a tasty salad. 

Squash And Flowering Herbs:

Companion planting is not only growing plants together, it also includes pollination, plant growth, number of fruits ripening etc. squash needs pollination for its growth, so growing plants such as fennel, parsley or dill will help to get rid of pests and improve its pollination.

Tomatoes And Basil:

Many gardeners believe that growing tomatoes and basil together is beneficial for both the plants. Due to its strong smell, basil repels pests leaving the tomato plants pest free. Additionally, this combination is also effective in enhancing pollination too.

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