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15 easy Gardening Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Spring is the perfect time to start your gardening by planting flowers, herbs, vegetables and more. At this time knowing simple and intelligent gardening hacks can help you a lot.
They are all great way to enhance your garden without spending anything from your pocket. However, some of these tips are things you do every day but probably you didn’t know, let’s see some simple and easy hacks in this article.

• Sprinkle Eggshells Around Your Plants:

Eggshells are a source of calcium and your plants need a lot of calcium to survive. So instead of trashing out the eggshells, sprinkle spread around your plants. They also deter snails and slugs which may end up eating your plants.

Sourcea: gardenerspath.com

• Use Toilet Paper Rolls AS Starter Pots:

Toilet paper rolls are considered as great seed starters. Reuse them as seed starters and put directly in to the soil.

• Cinnamon To Get Rid Of Mold:

Mold and mildew is one of the biggest problems gardeners face and many use chemical ingredients. But, sprinkling cinnamon on the surface of the soil of your garden will help you to get rid of them easily.

• Coffee Grounds Are Great Source Of Nitrogen:

Plants need nitrogen for their healthy growth, it helps to make their own food without depending on other things. To increase the content of nitrogen for your plants, consider using coffee grounds which are not only rich in nitrogen, but also other nutrients.

• Use Coffee Filters As Pot Liners:

When making starter pots seedlings, it’s very common that the pots leak. Use a coffee filter to get rid of this problem easily. All you need to do is, put them at the bottom of the pot that’s it. It will keep the soil from leaking while ensuring the drainage holes are still functional.

Coffee filter is soft enough to allow the water in but hard enough to keep the soil intact. And these are biodegradable which makes the plants safe for your plants as well as for your soil.

• Upcycle Milk Jug In To Watering Can:

After using milk, wash the bottle and poke some holes in the lid to use it as a quick watering can to sprinkle both indoor and outdoor plants.

• Reuse Empty Wine Bottles As Gradual Water Supply For Your Plants:

This is such a great solution for watering a container garden. Reuse those empty wine bottles as gradual supply for your plants.


• Use Hanging Shoe Rack To Plant Herbs:

If you live on a balcony, you can easily turn hanging shoe rack in to garden which is perfect for small gardens.

• Create Automatic Water Supply When You Go Away For Few Days:

If you are going on vacation, your plants will still need water. Take few paper towels and glass of water to create automatic water supply. This system will set the water on automatic flow until you come back.

• Here Is What To Do When You Have Animal Problems In Your Garden:

When you have problems with your pets like cats, rabbits etc, use plastic forks as preventing measure. They don’t cost much and most of them you will find free with parked foods so, instead of throwing away place them in your garden in upward direction so animals won’t poop on fresh produce.

• Use Diapers As Soil Drainage:

If you have diapers, use them to keep the soil moist for most of the days. They absorb water and can hold water for long time and using them will keep you away from watering all the time. Make sure the absorbent part is facing up wards.

• Make Use Of Vegetable Cooking Water:

Next time when you boil vegetables, allow the water to cool down completely and use that water to water your plants which are full of nutrients.

• Do You Want To Organize Seeds?

Getting or keeping seeds in order helps you to remember which one go where and which one haven’t tired yet. Simply get a basic photo album and lay seeds in different spaces so they are safe in same space with labels for easy identification.

• Making Your Plants Using Broken Pots:

Most people like to mark their plants especially when they want other people to see what they have done. When you have broken pots, you can still save the parts by using them as markers. Since clay pots are too costly, you will have some value for broken ones.

• Create Mini Greenhouse:

Create a mini-greenhouse by using the top of the milk jug and protect your seedlings from frost or pests.

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