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6 Fragrant Houseplants That Will Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Want To fill your home with wonderful smell that feels great, whenever you enter home? Then, invest in buying these fragrant houseplants. Whether your thumb is green or black, here are plants that fits perfect for you that make inside of your home smell divine in around.

6 Fragrant Houseplants That Make Your Home Smell Incredible:

  • Gardenia (Gardenia Jasminoides):

Gardenia is considered as a queen of scented plants and originated from tropics. This plant needs six to eight hours of sunlight for its healthy growth. They also love humidity and temperature, so make sure to maintain temperature between 55 and 75 degrees.

Plant them in a soil that drains quickly, so that the roots of gardenia’s don’t rot and turn to mush. 

  • Paperwhite Narcissus (Narcissus Papyraceus):

Paperwhite narcissus is a delicate flower that blooms in fall and winter seasons and prefer cool temperatures around 60 degrees and indirect sunlight. The best part about growing this wonderful bloom is, you can grow it either in water or soil. If you want to grow them in soil, don’t water the bulb too much until they’re in growing stage, otherwise it rots.


Once they bloom, these flowers usually last for couple of weeks. Pot your indoor paperwhite bulbs at two week intervals for continuous bloom and to experience musky scent of paperwhites to stay around.

  • Variegated Hoya Macrophylla (Hoya Macrophylla Variegata):

Hoyas also known as wax plants which belongs to under the radar family of scented plants that spend most of the time chilling throughout the year. They produce blooms every fall and winter season. Grow this plant in terra cotta pot with well draining soil as they can’t stand too much water. 

Place this plant in a spot where it gets indirect sunlight, so that you’ll be greeted with the most beautiful and sweet smelling tiny flowers.

  • Sharry Baby Orchid (Oncidium Sharry Baby):

Sharry baby orchid is a burgundy and white orchid that has intoxicating scent tinged with sweet chocolate notes. To keep this beautiful plant healthy, put it in a orchid pot filled with sphagnum moss, so that the roots of this plant gets good air flow.

Place it in east or south facing windows where it gets bright morning sunlight and indirect light in the afternoon because too much of sunlight can cause dark brown patches on leaves.

Make sure to maintain the right temperature and need at least 60 degrees to bloom, but it is also comfortable up to 75-80 degrees. Sharry baby have pump oblong structures called pseudobulbs where it store water and foods they should look shiny and smooth.

  • French Lavender ( Lavandula x intermedia provence):

French lavender smells heaven, it just needs a little more care in winter season when they go dormant. Be sure to give this wonderful plant to grow in a terra cotta pot with quick-draning and rocky soil. Place it in south facing window, if you don’t have one consider investing a growing light to encourage its healthy growth.

It might take some effort to make your lavender happy, but once you do its quite hardy. 

  • Chocolate Mint (Mentha X piperita):

Mint is a fragrant herb that easily thrives indoors when you provide the right conditions. Put your chocolate mint in a pot on sunny windowsill and water the soil when it is dry to touch. Be aware that all the plants have dormant season, so cut back watering when your mint isn’t growing rapidly.


You can also add this aromatic herb in your delicious salads or just grind up the leaves and put them in little dish on the ledges of shower to create soothing aromatherapy steam session.

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