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Best Potato Companion Plants for Your Backyard Garden

Companion planting is one of the best ways to grow healthy plants. Choosing best plants for companion with potatoes will make them taste better and have less pest’s problem to deal with. So, what are the best companion plants with potatoes? How does it work? What should be kept away when companion planting?

Below is a list of companion plants you can grow along with potatoes and help them to taste better. Additionally, we also included the list of what should be separated from your potato bed.

Companion Plants For Potato:

Potato Companion Plants

Companion planting will not only allow you to grow tastier potatoes, it also makes them grow better. Below is a list of plants to grow with your potatoes.

  • Cabbage:

Planting cabbage along with potato will improve the taste of your potatoes.

  • Lettuce:

Lettuce is a shallow rooted plant and they don’t compete for the same nutrients with the potatoes. Even it gives shade to your potato plant in the heat of afternoons.

  • Beans:

Planting beans along with potatoes won’t compete for nitrogen in the soil and make them readily available. It helps the plants grow stronger and healthier too. 

  • Herbs:

Planting basil, chamomile, parsley and thyme will improve the flavor of potatoes. They will also attract beneficial insects and help with pest control and pollination.

  • Corn:

Corns are great companion for potato plants to improve their taste.

  • Horse Radish:

Planting horse radish around your potato plants will make them more resistant to diseases and pests.

Companion Plants Of Potatoes For Pest Control:

Pests are one of the biggest problems many gardeners deal with, but fortunately the main benefit of companion planting is that it deters and eliminates pests naturally. 

Have a look on below list of companion plants to deter pests.

  • Nasturtium:

Nasturtium is one of the best companion plant to tomatoes to eliminate pests completely.

  • Sage:

Planting sage around your tomato plants will deter flea beetles easily.

  • Marigold:

Marigold can eliminate any type of pests and harmful insects for potatoes as well as for other crops. 

What To Avoid Planting With Potatoes?

Some plants have negative effects on potato plants and potato plants have negative effects on other plants too, so you should picky when it comes to choosing companion plants. Below is a list of plants to avoid:

  • Squash And Pumpkins:

Squash as well as pumpkins can make potatoes more susceptible to blight and even potatoes have the same effect on them. So do avoid them.

  • Cucumber:

Same like squash, cucumber also causes blight to your potatoes when planted.

  • Tomatoes:

Generally potatoes and tomatoes compete for nutrients in the soil and end up to more susceptible to blight when planted together.

  • Carrots:

Carrots, radishes and other root vegetables will affect the growth of potatoes.

  • Sunflower:

Sunflower plants can stunt the growth of potatoes and tubers. 

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