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Houseplants Love Coffee Grounds

Fertilizing indoor plants is an important aspect of houseplant care and there are lots of natural fertilizers that you can try. Using a good fertilizer will keep your indoor plants happy and healthy. 

Have you ever tried using coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your plants? No, then you must read the article to know that houseplants grows well if you use coffee grounds as a fertilizer. 

Coffee grounds can be used as a good fertilizer to all indoor plants. But, you should make good compost first, because directly applying coffee grounds to your plants cause excessive moisture retention and fungal overgrowth to your plants.

How Coffee grounds Are Useful For Indoor Plants?

Coffee grounds are a good source of calcium, magnesium and can be used as an effective fertilizer for your plants. They are even easily available, free and have high nitrogen content which is an important ingredient for healthy growth of all plants. 

Using coffee grounds for indoor plants is also a good way to reduce the waste production too. People have been using this ingredient in their garden from several years with reasonable success so it’s only natural for people to experiment with using coffee grounds to fertilize indoor plants. 

Best Ways To Use Coffee Grounds For Your Plants:

Many people use coffee grounds directly on the top of the soil of their indoor plants, but this is not a right way to use coffee grounds which cause number of problems. However, here are some best options to use coffee grounds as a best fertilizer for your houseplants.

  • Make Liquid Coffee Fertilizer:

Instead of pouring coffee grounds directly on the soil of your houseplants, use it this way as shown below. This is the simplest way to use coffee grounds too.

All you need to do is, add your coffee grounds to a container full of water and allow them to soak it for 2-3 weeks and make sure to stir it every few days.

As the coffee breaks down day by day, it starts to release nutrients in to the water as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Then after few days, strain this liquid through a cheesecloth and use this natural fertilizer to water your plants.

This fertilizer not only provides lot of nutrients to the plants, but also adds beneficial bacteria that improve the health of the soil.

  • Use Coffee Grounds To Make Compost:

This is another best way to use coffee grounds for your houseplants. Add all your used coffee grounds to your compost pile and wait until your compost is ready to use.

Most of the houseplants are originated from tropical climates, where they received most of their nutrition from decayed organic matter which has been produced by the dense vegetation around and above them.

Homemade compost will deliver ample of nutrients to allow houseplants to thrive healthily. Coffee grounds contain high amount of nitrogen and that will be balanced out by the other constituents of compost you have made. 

You can also apply this compost when repotting or add just thin layer to the top of the soil. 

Applying excessive compost can lead to foliage burn and cause symptoms of nutrient toxicity. So make sure to add maximum of one inch of compost to the pot to prevent it.

Compost is rich in organic matter, it will retain water which increases the risk of overwatering. So, please remember this point in your mind while watering to your plants.

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