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Black Houseplants That Will Add a Bit of Glamour to any Room

Anyone can buy a houseplant, but not all can keep it alive and thriving. Taking care of plants might make you feel overwhelmed, especially when you are a newbie and taking care of old looking plants is more intimidating. 

No worries, here are some black houseplants that need very little care to survive and they even reward you with wonderful waxy leaves and gorgeous elegance as long as you keep one thing in mind. You do not overwater this black houseplants and make sure to buy the right one, after once you decided to grow this stunning beauty in your home.

You should know that all plants will not stay dark, houseplants will adapt the environment they’re in. So depending on the intensity of light, temperature in your home and watering schedule you’re houseplant may changes its shade.

That is the beauty of nature, so don’t take anything in control. Just do your best and enjoy that natural atmosphere of having houseplants.

Here are 10 best Black Houseplants that will add stunning look to any corner of your and make it look more beautiful.

8 Black Houseplants That Add Glamour To Your Home:

  • Alocasia “Black velvet”:

Generally, Alocasia “Black Velvet” thrives easily outdoors and makes excellent statement pieces of garden. It produces almond shaped leaves can become very large in south facing garden. That is the reason, this plant is also called as “elephant Ears” are becoming popular as indoor plants.


This will also thrive in warm and humid temperature, so placing it in the kitchen or bathroom make this plant happy.

  • Echeveria “Black Prince”:

Echeveria “Black Prince” is a succulent is the crown jewel in an echeveria collectors dream. Just like real life royalty, this plant need to be treated with patience and utmost care.

It is a slow growing plant and need full sun to grow healthy. If you keep it happy with adequate water and sunlight, it will reward you with bright green centre and ruby red flowers coming out of dark florets like leaves. 

  • Colocasia “Black Magic”:

Colocasia “Black Magic” plant is also known as “the elephant ear” plant, and can be grown as outdoor summer plant. But you can also grow it as indoor houseplant too.


This plant grows from bulbs and prefers bright filtered light or humid temperatures and may become dormant in winter months. This plant become really unhappy, when you overwater it so make sure you plant it in a pot with proper drainage.

  • Aeonium “Black Rose”:

Aeonium “Black Rose” is a succulent that thrives easily in full sun and well drained soil. While you can water them once in a week during long and sunny days, but it should be rested during winter months and reduce watering to once in a month. 

Don’t let it go thirsty for too long, because it might start losing it leaves and eventually dies. Make sure to check the soil for moisture before watering.

  • Peperomia Caperata “burgundy Ripple”:

This is a dark purple variegated foliage crisscrossed by red stems makes this plant as a wonderful showstopper. This plant likes partial shade and not too much water, while growing this plant indoors avoid frequent repotting and make sure it has enough room to grow.


This is also a slow growing plant like many other houseplants and will usually remain constant which makes it perfect for small spaces such as office desks or windowsills.

  • Zamioculcas zamiifolia “Raven”:

Zamiocucas zamiifolia produces waxy, shiny beautiful leaves and raven variety is perfect for a room that doesn’t get too much of sunlight like washrooms or kitchen. 

This plant is not a succulent, so you can water it whenever needed. Once you bring this plant to your home, you will start to notice the bulbous roots that produce out of soil which acts like water storage tanks. They just help to control the water inflow that’s distributed to the rest of the plant. Make sure to do not over water it because it tends to cause of root rot.

  • Lithops (Stone Plants):

Lithops are also called as pebble plants, mineral plants, and considered as the newest trend coming out of the world of succulents. They blend well with their surroundings and can thrive easily. Lithops come in different shades and colors, they usually vary from purple to grey, beinge and even pink.

This plant is native from southern Africa which has adapted its leaves over time to resemble surrounding stones and its pattern surface hides a spongy internal water storage structure.

  • Sinocrassula Yunnanensis:

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis is a succulent and a small perennial plant that grows in to a clump like shape. This plant is native to china, north and south of Burma and north western India. Generally, it grows at high altitude in rocky formations and can reach up to 10cm and the rosette usually turn a dark green almost black shade.

This plant can tolerate colder temperatures if kept outside and very susceptible to rot, so do not overwater it. Because it stays relatively small but beautiful and can be added to your indoor succulent garden.

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