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Best Farm Animals For Beginners

As a beginner, you might be excited to start everything in your homestead. If you are really interested to owe farm animals there are some best farm animals to choose. Because not all animals are easy to raise and many farm animals need large space and infrastructure to manage them. But, the animals shown below in this article works best and perfect to raise on small holdings or even in your backyard.

Best Farm Animals For Beginners:

  • Chickens:

Chickens are multipurpose animals, they will provide you eggs, meat and fertilizing making them as one of the best animal for beginners. Raising chickens is considered as one of the least expensive and easy way. 

Chickens need contained area where they can stretch their legs and can feel safe from predators as well. There are many types available in the market, so the type of chicken you raise is up to you.

  • Goats:

If you have little more land, raising goats is another great choice for beginners. Even though goats breed vary, some breeds can be kept easily on smaller sections. Dairy goats are an effective way to get raw milk to make cheese and yogurt for your family. Goats are nice climbers, so use a hot wire fence to keep them contained. 

  • Ducks:

Ducks are other best farm animals to consider in this list, especially for a beginner. They don’t need lots of space to gaze on, they won’t even need too much pellet feed as they are great foragers. Just like chickens they also give you eggs as well as meat. The best part about raising them is, you can sell duck eggs for more than chicken eggs for many reasons. 

  • Rabbits:

Rabbits are pretty easy and beautiful farm animals to raise. They are also best introduction of raising mammals for beginners. With period of about a month and cull date as early as 8 weeks depending on their breed, they provide you a quick meat provision. But, the most difficult part of raising rabbits is about their gender don’t let it discourage you, they are fun animals to raise meat as a beginner.

  • Pigs:

Pigs are also very easy to raise, especially if you are raising them for weaning to slaughter size. Generally they are known as mess, but they are clean animals when given the right chance. If you have enough space, free ranging pigs are best and a hot wire of 1 foot will keep most of the pigs contained. If you want to keep them in pen, then you need strong fences as they have the habit of rubbing against them as scratching posts.

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