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17 Great Bathroom Plants, How To Use and Choose

Indoor plants serve a practical purpose in keeping our home environment clean and healthy. They improve the air quality in our home by cleaning toxins in air and that’s the reason it’s advisable to have indoor houseplants in every room, including bathroom.

The warmth and humidity created by someone taking shower provides nice tropical environment and once the shower is over it becomes dry. The tile and ceramic sinks or bathtubs many of us also make the bathroom much chiller than the tropics when the shower isn’t running. So we require some special plants that enjoy wide temperature and humidity levels fluctuations your bathroom offer. 

Most of the bathrooms don’t have windows and if you are one of them who doesn’t have window for a bathroom, let me tell you it’s important for plants to survive with minimum amount of sunlight. Use a grow light or overhead fluorescent lighting to add needed light to your bathroom and expand your spaces. 

Make sure to rotate your plant once in a while at the sunny window. Carefully choose live plants and providing them proper care is the best thing you can do. Fortunately, there are lots of suitable plants to choose from that survive easily in low light and humid environment.

Check out the best plants to choose and grow in your bathroom by this article.

17 Best Plants For Your Bathroom:

  • Cast Iron Plant:

Cast iron plant is hard to kill and one of the best plant that can easily survive in low light and humid temperatures. This plant can grow up to 2-3 feet tall and needs well potting mix for its healthy growth.

  • Ferns:

Ferns such as Boston Fern, Bird Nest, and Staghorn Fern do well in low light bathroom settings. All these plants will enjoy the humidity from your showers, but they also need regular watering and misting. Make sure to check the soil and keep it moist at all times.

  • Chinese Evergreen:

Chinese evergreen is a beautiful plant with large leaves variegated with white or pink markings. It is a tropical plant and works perfect in your bathroom. Beloved for its brighter green foliage that stuck with white and yellow, Chinese evergreen is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for.

  • Bromeliads:

These brightly colored tropical plants are great selections for bathroom because of their care preferences. It needs filtered light, lots of humidity and indoor climate with no exposure to extreme weather. All the varieties of bromeliads are easy to grow and care for.

  • Dracaena:

Dracaena is available in 40 different varieties and all the varieties of this plant specialize in air purification and easily thrive in low light and high humidity conditions. This plant doesn’t require lot of attention and its leaves will scorch if it is expose too much in direct sunlight. So, bathroom might be the best plant to grow this plant.

  • Pothos:

Pothos is a popular houseplant and works perfect to be placed in your washroom than to be other rooms in your house. The golden pothos will produce marble heart shaped leaves and the neon varieties boast foliage that’s almost too bright to look at it directly. However neon and golden pothos love humidity and perform great well in hanging baskets.

  • Diffenbachia:

This plant looks like Chinese evergreen and aspidistra plant, but it is much bigger. Its leaves can grow up to a feet long or more. It prefers artificial light and likes high humidity and consistently moist well drained soil. 

If you have unusual circumstance of having a large and windowless bathroom and you want to create a tropical setting, then this plant is for you.

  • Philodendron:

The Philo comes in different shapes, sizes. This is a low care tropical plant with glossy green variegated and even maroon colored leaves that looks absolutely stunning in your bathroom. Heartleaf philodendron is popular favorite for many with its heart shaped leaves.

However, all types of philodendron prefer consistent and moderate lightening. Make sure it is placed in consistently warm temperature, so keep your bathroom temperature between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Calathae Burle Marxii:

Calathae plants display long, broad, high colored and pointed leaves which make them to be the wonderful centerpieces in your home. Over all varieties of calathae, plant called Burle Marxii is great to be placed in bathroom and grows well in small pot.

Aloe vera is also one of the best plants to be placed in your bathroom. It thrives easily in low light and high humid temperatures. Additionally the gel of this plant is useful to treat all types of skin problems including sunburns, rashes, cuts etc. however the outside of aloe vera is poisonous especially to dogs and cats, so keep this plant out of their reach.

  • Spider Plant:
Bathroom Plants

Spider plant is considered as an air purifier bathroom star. Apart from purifying the air around us, it also helps to remove dirty odors. This plant can survive easily in low light and requires low maintenance. But, take your plant once in a while to sunbathe, because it requires some sunlight often to develop plantlets.

  • Orchids:

Orchids are native from rainforest and only need a bit of exposure to indirect sunlight, so the fluorescents you purchased or the small bit of sunlight that catches your orchids perched in their spot on your windowsill will be just enough to keep them happy. Just place them in your bathroom which is a perfect humid temperature for them to grow healthy.

  • English Ivy:

English ivy is a great choice for bathroom for many reasons. This plant is best air purifier and enjoys humidity, needs moderate amount of sunlight to grow healthy. This creeping fig is a great fit for hanging baskets and ledges, as it will trail down and brings some life to your bathroom without taking up too much valuable real estate.

  • Snake Plant:

You might have seen this place in offices and malls, it also does extremely well in a bathroom environment too. Snake plant is a charming, pointy, easy care plants that are great addition to your home décor. Place this plant in your washroom to purify air and prevent all types of toxins too.

  • ZZ Plant:

ZZ plant is a tough specimen and can live through eternity of neglect, seemingly without suffering for the lack of attention. This plant needs light but not direct sunlight and water once in a week. zz plant loves humidity and a wide range of temperature, so its perfect in the bathroom. This plant produces oval shaped leaves that appear fresh and vibrant to brighten up any bathroom in need of a splash of color and a bit of life.

  • Bamboo:

Bamboo plant doesn’t need much sunlight, water and even soil too. Just place it in a container with some pebbles and water it go wild. Just watch out for its growth it doesn’t take over the whole bathroom in no time, as these plants are invasive and grow very quickly. If you put something in the way of bamboo, then it will adjust its growing speed and branch out in another direction. So, keep an eye on its growth and make sure to replace it when it is too large in your bathroom.

  • Gardenia:

Gardenias are gorgeous tropical flowering plants and are worth any effort they require from the gardener. These beautiful blooms also work great in bathroom because they love humidity and require indirect sunlight to grow well. However, they don’t do well in sudden change in temperature like cold or hot, so make sure to avoid temperature changes in your bathroom.

Even the closest and the smallest bathrooms can become more attractive and healthier by adding living plants. While plants do require light to live, there are many plants that survive in low light or artificial light easily.

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