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Baking Soda is a Gardener’s Best Friend – Here are 8 clever uses in the Garden

Baking soda is used for several reasons. It is suitable for gardening, cleaning, and cooking. It is a biodegradable product which is not very expensive. Stains can be painlessly removed using baking soda. Its functions are numerous as well as advantageous. Baking soda is renowned for its impeccable gardening benefits. Let us know about them in details:

1. Keeps the insects away:

Baking Soda plays an inherent role in protecting the garden. It is a safer and cheaper way that prevents the ravaging of the garden by its beneficial properties. It also allows you to stop using degradable elements like pesticides and insecticides. Baking soda is a much greener way of killing insects. 

To get rid of critters, you must follow the below-stated steps: 

  • Mix olive oil with two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Now add this solution to a gallon of water.
  • Regularly spray it using a sprayer. This would keep all the bugs away.

2. Keeps the ants away:

It is often seen that the ants eat up the fruits or vegetables. In order to prevent this, baking soda is the ultimate solution. Follow the below-mentioned steps so as to keep them away:

  • Mix five teaspoons of baking soda with five teaspoons of icing sugar.
  • Also, add a tablespoon of water to it. Pour this solution over the anthills. 
  • For better results, use this at least two times a day.

3. Get rid of worms:

It is a major problem that every gardener has to face. Gardening aims at growing qualitative fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain the quality of it. To keep them away from your dear plants, you need to prepare a mixture. The mixture should contain equal parts of soda and flour. Sprinkle this mixture at least one time a day.

4. Watering Flowers:

While watering blooming flowers, you can add a little amount of baking soda. Do not ever hesitate to do so since it is not going to cause any damage to it. However, by doing this the flowers would be more beautiful and brighter.

5. Fights fungi and mold:

Excess moisture on the leaves, stems, and soil invite fungi and mold. It rots the plants and therefore all your efforts can go in vain. Prepare a solution using water and baking soda. Spray it on the infected areas. This will surely help you in creating a better environment for your dear plants.

6. Increases the taste of fruits:

Using baking soda in the soil can make your fruits and vegetables more nutritious as well as delicious. Tomatoes become sweeter when grown in less acidic soil. It is also useful for decreasing the intense odor of compost.

7. Cleaning:

Baking Soda is also used for cleaning the leaves and plants. Dirty plants make the garden look cumbersome. Therefore, washing the leaves with water and baking soda can give it a more vibrant look. 

8. Make Boquets last longer:

Flowering decorations usually wilt sooner than we want. Use a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda into a vase along with water for your flowers to last a bit longer.


These were some of the most important uses of Baking Soda in a Garden. Get some of it in your kitchen today!

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