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Top 15 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Are Almost Impossible To Kill

Today we are not just victims of pollution that is present outdoors but it is also present inside our house. The cleaning products supply some toxic elements that diminish the air quality inside our house as well. We all know that plants and trees play a major role in protecting us from the air pollutants. They act as air purifiers when they undergo the photosynthesis process. When we are talking about house pollution, we need to find such houseplants that can be really beneficial in purifying the air and can create a safer environment for our health inside our home. In this article, we are listing the top 15 air-cleaning houseplants. Along with their air-purifying feature, they are sturdy enough to stand the pollutants they inhale and do not die easily.

Top 15 Air-Cleaning Houseplants

1.Aloe Vera: Aloe vera plants are able to remove formaldehyde that is present in the air. They can heal burns on your skin. They need ample sunlight, fully drained soil and light watering.

2.Spider Plant: The spider plants are easy to grow and they require indirect bright sunlight. You can water them at small gaps and they are perfect for beginners.

3.Baby rubber plant: These plants turn quite tall, emit oxygen and removes air chemicals. Rich soil, filtered sunlight and infrequent watering are its requirements.

4.Areca Palm: With little watering, partial sunlight and drained soil the Areca Palm acts as one of the best air-cleaning houseplants. The leafy plant grows bigger.

5.Ficus: These plants can grow from 2 to 11 feet high as per your pot size. It is a great air purifier and requires occasional watering and indirect sunlight. A tall houseplant can be a great piece of sight in your living room.

6.Boston Fern: The Boston Fern requires indirect sun and humid conditions. It’s best if you place them in your bathroom or any cool places. They are great air purifiers.

7.Peace Lily: These plants are quite strong and they do not die easily. They kill the mold spores and you should place them inside your laundry room, kitchen or bathrooms.

8.Gerbera Daisy: These beautiful flowery plants emit overnight oxygen which helps in a sound sleep and removes the chemicals that cause cancer. Place them in the bright sun.

9.Eglish Ivy: English Ivy saves you from conditions that can cause allergies and affect asthmatic patients. You should place it in a hanging pot so that it can grow at its best.

10.Chinese Evergreen: These air-cleaning houseplants emit oxygen and remove various air pollutants. Well drain their soil and they can survive dark shades quite easily.

11.Moth Orchid: Water these beautiful flowery plants when they are completely dry and put them in the proper sun. They will save you from formaldehyde and organic compounds that are volatile in nature.

12.Golden pothos: These plants are responsible for removing Formaldehyde and Carbon Dioxide. These plants need partial sunlight, little watering, and a cool placement setting.

13.Snake Plant: This is a rough and tough houseplant that does not need a lot of sunlight, watering, and care. If you are a busy gardener then this sturdy plant is best for you.

14.Bamboo Palm: This plant has narrow trunks and it is best to be kept at dry setting because it is good at humidifying the air and it also removes formaldehyde. Moist soil and indirect bright sunlight are best for Bamboo Palm.

15.Garden Mum: These fall flowers act as amazing air-cleaning houseplants. They need regular watering, partial sunlight to flourish well. They help in the removal of formaldehyde, Xylene, Ammonia, and Benzene from the air.

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