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8 Ideal Plants You Should Keep In The Bathroom

You can improve the decor and air quality of your house by adding plants to your house. Your place turns more pleasant with the addition of plants. It is thus a great idea to place some beautiful plants in your bathroom to make your personal environment even more refreshing. The plants that are ideal for placing in the bathroom are listed below in this article with a little insight on each particular plant. Let us learn about some of the plants that are ideal for your bathrooms. There are several plants that need humid conditions and warmth that are present in bathrooms.

Asparagus Fern: The humid environment of the bath place is loved by Asparagus. The plant requires moderate or bright lighting conditions. The potting soil should be well-drained. The thorny plant can last for two years if you opt for repotting. The plant can grow 2 feet height if the branches can laterally sprawl up to 6 feet.

Aloe Vera: This is a tropical perennial which can survive in different temperature conditions. Succulents ask for less care and it has many advantages. It can provide relief on minor burns and scrapes. It needs indirect bright light. The plant hardly grows larger than 2 feet.

Begonia: You can grow many Begonias and they are comfortable to live in warm and humid conditions. You can grow the ornamental and beautiful rex Begonias in your bathrooms. Keep in mind that you do not waterlog the plant’s soil. Buy fibrous rather than tuberous variety.

Bamboo: They grow large and that is why it is suitable to grow them in containers. You can choose clumping varieties over those which run to avoid repotting. The plant should be cut during the winter season and they should be fed with fertilizers that are diluted.

Cast-Iron Plants: The plant owes its name to the property that it is hard to kill this plant. On top of it, the plant requires very little maintenance. These plants do not need high humidity surroundings and that makes it a good choice for bathrooms that aren’t used on a regular basis. For example guest bathrooms.

Bromeliads: These plants are quite unique because they bloom in conditions where most of the plants fail to bloom. Their red and pink colored flowers grow during winters and they last for some weeks. They have various species and plant genera. You should set up a fan that can provide air to the plant for some time each day since the plant needs air circulation along with humid conditions. They can survive direct sunlight for a few hours and thus indirect bright light is best for them.

Croton: These plants look amazing with colored foliage. Multi-colored leaves are found in Pictum variety. You would need ample space to place these plants in your bathroom. You should choose the bathroom which contains more space. They need indirect bright sunlight with ample moisture and humidity but remember not to keep the soil wet for long hours. You should water them less during winters or lat fall.

Chinese Evergreen: These are among those plants that are forgiving in nature. They have around 20 different species if we talk about the Aglaonema genus. These tropical perennials contain large leaves and they can survive even without food and water. These plants are lovers of humidity but they can live in cold weather conditions. Their leaves damage in cold drafts. Their maximum height is 1-2 feet and their leaves are either dark green or grey-green in color.

You can water them then and there and that makes irrigation much easier. Other than these plants there are many other plants like Cyclamen, Dumb Cane, Ferns, Gardenia that can thrive in humid and warm conditions. However, there are various factors like low light, temperature swings, high humidity that are to be kept in mind. Induce bulbs if your bathroom does not have any windows to produce sunlight.

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