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8 Best Things You Can Do Now to Have a Great Spring Garden

Spring is the best time to start your favorite vegetables in your garden. But, without preparation you might end up spending more money and harvest fewer vegetables. That is the reason why we came here with 8 things you can do to have a great spring garden this year.

  • Plan What You Want To Plant This Year:

Just figure out where you want to locate your plants in your garden. Talk with your family about fruits and vegetables they like and would want to grow. May be you won’t be able to plant everything in your garden, but you will get more planted with a list than without one. 

You can also incorporate companion planting in your garden, so that you can place plants that benefit one another. For examples planting tomatoes and basil together will deter pests like spider mites and aphids from your tomatoes.

  • Order For Seeds And Seed Catalogs:

If you’ve decided to grow your vegetables from seeds, then get your seeds from local store and make sure to take your list with you. It makes you feel free to have all of your seeds ready to go when time comes.

  • Figure Out When To Start Planting:

If you want to spend the whole week to put seedlings and transplants, you’ll never have a garden you wish. You need to plan when it’s good for plants and not when it’s convenient for you. 

  • Start Growing Seedlings Indoors:

Starting indoors is a great idea to grow plants. Just get a seed tray and grow some seedlings indoors so they will become extra strong when we transplant them in to our spring garden.

  • Organize Your Garden Supplies:

Make sure to have shovel, rake, pruning shears, wheel barrow, a spade in your garden supplies. And this is the best time to clean all your garden tools and get them ready for use in few weeks.

  • Choose Perfect Garden Spot:

For most vegetables you will need a spot where it gets full sun which is at least 6-8 hours of sunlight in a day. So the vegetables grow healthy and strong.

  • Start A Compost Pile:

Compost pile is beneficial for lot of reasons in your garden. You can use compost as a fertilizer and it even allows you to save money on your gardening budget. Additionally, you can put banana peels, potato peels, news paper and coffee grounds on your compost pile instead of in your local bin.

  • Clear Away Weeds:

Check out for the weeds in your spring garden and clear them right away and rake the ground. So your garden will be ready and waiting for your seedlings and seeds.

Bonus: create labels for your plants: creating labels for your plants in the spring garden is not only fun it even makes it more special. Putting labels next to veggies is an easy way to locate them at glance. Use white paint to put names of each of your vegetable on pieces of wood just like the way direction we see on roads. However, it’s completely up to you how creative you get with your garden labels. 

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