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7 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Caring For Orchids

Orchids are flowering plants that come almost in every color, shape and size. The best part about the flowers is that, they can last for weeks if not for months on the plant. That’s why people love to grow this plant indoors and outdoors as well and these exotic beauties comprise the largest family of flowering plants on earth, with more than 30,000 different species and at least more than 200,000 hybrids. 

Different species of orchid varieties thrives in different growing conditions and we can easily find an orchid that it is well suited to the conditions that you provide.

Are orchids difficult to grow? Most of them are, but there are dozens of varieties of orchids and hundreds of hybrids that are perfect for your window sills or shady spots to grow healthily.

If you have decided to get one of those varieties to your home or garden, here are 7 surprising things you didn’t know about caring for orchids.

Orchids Do Not Need Lot Of Light:

Once your orchid plant has finished its blooming season, place it in the spot where it gets indirect sunlight. An east facing window works well or any window that gets enough indirect sunlight throughout the day.

While the plant is blooming, don’t worry about the light conditions. Just keep it in the place where it looks great.

Orchids Do Not Need Lot Of Care:

Orchids do not need lot of care. It needs water once in every two weeks and make sure to immerse the pot in lukewarm tap water for about 30 seconds.

The orchid pot should have proper drainage system to drain all water from the bottom before putting it back in to decorative container. 

Orchids Do Not Like Lot Of Fertilizer:

Some plants love fertilizer, but orchids need very small amount of fertilizer to the water for non blooming plant that too for every 3 months. Avoid fertilizing a plant that is in bud or bloom.

Do Not Prune Old Orchid Blooms:

You shouldn’t cut off the stem until it turns completely in to brown color, as they produce second stem. Often new flowers will appear on old stems.

Orchids Do Not Like To Be Repotted:

Generally, orchid roots do not like to be disturbed. All you need to do is, add little moss or bark to top of the plant when the plant seems unstable. Always handle plant by the pot as opposed to the stem so that the roots stay strong and not loosened.

Orchids Also Make Great Outdoor Potted Plants:

As I said earlier orchids also works great in outdoors especially in shady spots. Make sure to drain the pots after rainfall unless you live in a tropical region, you need to bring orchids for winter.

Orchids Will Bloom Every Year:

Orchid’s keeps on blooming every year, enjoy the smile and feeling happy each time you look at it.

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