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7 Organic Neem Oil Uses for Garden

The Indian Lilac, commonly called as Neem is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae one of the most beneficial plants that have several uses. Neem is a popular species in the genus Azadirachta and is native to the Indian Subcontinent. The medicinal properties of Neem have been known worldwide especially Indians since time immemorial. It is full of various medicinal properties and is claimed that it provides answers to various incurable diseases as it is antibacterial and antifungal. Who doesn’t like organic things? Neem oil is 100 percent organic and very benefitial. It is extracted from the buds from a neem plant. Here are some methods which state how neem oil can be used in a garden: 


It kills unwanted pests easily :

Neem oil is the best organic solution to deal with problems caused by pests and insects in the garden. It is both pet and plant-friendly. It has the property to kill more than two hundred different species of insects like whiteflies, leaf miners, mites, aphids, and many others. It decreases insect feeding and acts as a resistant, It also gives a restraint to the insect’s hormonal system making it harder for them to grow and lay eggs.

Helps to prevent fungal diseases :

Neem has anti-fungal properties. Plants can have fungal diseases that can cause damage to their fruits, flowers, and overall growth. Spraying a little amount of neem oil on all plant surfaces especially where the fungal problem is the worst, kills fungi and prevents it from growing further. 

Keeps slugs and snails far away – Slugs and snails are nasty little creatures that cause severe damage to the plants. They chew the leaves and eventually a plant can die due to it. Spraying a little amount of neem oil keeps these slimy creatures away. At first, neem oil repels insects and other animals directly when they encounter on the leaves. And when sprayed on the soil plants take it up systematically, which deters insects from feeding more.  

Keeps mosquitoes away:

Neem oil is a natural and effective mosquito repellent. The Garden is more like heaven to the mosquitoes. The wet and damp ground is perfect for them to lay eggs and grow. They not only suck blood but also cause various diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya thus spraying a bit of neem oil would keep them away. 

Keeps the fruits and berries protected- If sprayed before the blossom, neem oil protects the berries and fruits effectively because these pests enter the fruits and berries and make them unfit to eat, therefore this will prevent insects like flies, aphids, and others from damaging the fruits and flowers and will keep a check on these pests and insects. 

Prevents Rust Diseases :

Many plants can get affected by rust but spraying neem oil can help. Neem oil prevents the leaves from developing the rust spots while protecting the plants from many other diseases. 

Safe for Pollinators:

Bees are natural pollinators but are becoming increasingly rare due to climate change and this is even worsened by the synthetic pesticides. Neem oil is safe for butterflies and bees as it makes its way to the nectar of the flower, thereby keeping these insects safe! Thus, neem oil even helps in saving environment and ecosystem.

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