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6 indoor gardening mistakes beginners should avoid


The cities are growing at a rapid speed, almost every open space near us is being undertaken and developed into massive structures like tall buildings, offices, governmental undertakings, or even apartments. With so much work in our lives, we cannot go outside and enjoy nature. But how can we compromise our love for nature? Because of the rise in population, not everybody owns a house. Living in flats or apartments is very common. We need to breathe and relax. This, one of the brilliant ideas to stay in touch with the mesmerizing and soothing nature is indoor gardening. 

Who would not love some beautiful plants in their sweet space called home? Plants are soothing. But indoor gardening is not always easy. It requires special skills, patience, a lot of attention, and most importantly the love for plants. Here are Six Indoor Gardening Mistakes Beginners should avoid: 

  • Watering the plant too much 

Plants do need water to grow and thrive but in the right amount. Watering a plant even when it doesn’t need any water can harm the little life. Some plants need more water than the others while some barely need any water. Overwatering can damage the roots and eventually lead to the death of the plant. 

Before watering the plant a Beginner must keep 2 things in mind:

  • Check the soil. If the soil is dry then a decent amount of water should be provided. If the soil is very moist then watering the plant for the day can be avoided. 
  • Keep track of the weather. If humidity is very high then there is enough moisture in the air for the plant. And in very low humidity conditions, plants should be watered. 
  • Not providing enough water 

Plants like every other living creature derive nutrients from the water. Water is essential for the survival of the plants. If not watered properly, the roots will dry up and the plant will die. Rainwater is the best for plants. Indoor plants can be placed at windows or balconies so that they could get some rainwater. 

  • Not choosing the right soil

Choosing the right type of soil for our plants is necessary for indoor gardening. The type of soil can vary from plant to plant. How can beginners know the perfect type of soil for their indoor plants? The answer is simple. Proper research should be done. There are lots of information available on the internet. 

  • Not providing the proper lights

Plants usually grow in sunlight. They need light for photosynthesis. They cannot grow in dark places. Not providing proper sources of light in indoor gardening is equivalent to killing the planta. Proper grow lights that can produce warmth can be perfect for indoor plants. 

  • Not placing the plants properly 

Like other living creatures, plants live to grow. Providing them with enough space to grow is very essential in indoor farming. If not placed properly, plants cannot thrive fully. A decent amount of space should be spared for indoor gardening.

  • Not choosing the right nutrients 

For proper growth of the indoor plants, choosing the right nutrients and fertilizers is vital. Without food, we cannot survive. Similarly without the perfect nutrients plants cannot survive. Nutrients strengthen and help them to thrive. We need to enlighten ourselves with proper knowledge before choosing any fertiliser. Some fertilisers can harm the plant. Organic fertilisers are best for use. 


Having a lovely indoor garden is a dream for many. All things come with a cost. Indoor gardening is a huge responsibility. With proper knowledge and research, Beginners can avoid Indoor Gardening Mistakes and have an astonishing indoor garden. 

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