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20 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

Homesteading! For some people, it may be fun and for some people it is life. The time we spent here is priceless. Homesteading projects are not only useful to the core, sometimes they considered as rewarding when they can add another element of self-sufficiency to your arsenal.

If you are looking for cool homesteading projects, stop searching. We came up with unique 20 homesteading projects for preppers you can do at home. The best thing about these projects are, all of them are done with low budget and practically free.

Have a look at these great ideas of homesteading projects.

1.DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump:

This wonderful DIY water powdered water pump is made with two wheels of bicycle and PVC pipes. This project will even increase your self-reliance to the next level in homesteading.

2.DIY Food Storage Shelf:

You can store all types of vegetables and fruits in this storage shelf. You can make this shelf by using wood that can be prepared as shelves to store different types of vegetables in all racks.

3.DIY Green House:

Build an affordable greenhouse in your garden and enjoy all fresh food all year long.

4.Potatoes Gardening Box:

Potatoes box will help you grow 100 pounds for potatoes in a small area.

5.Tomato Cage With PVC:

Build a tomato cage with PVC to store them for longer periods and to support all your tomato plants.

Tomato Cage With PVC

6.Pallet Compost Bin:

Instead of buying a compost bin for your garden, make one with the pallet in your home.

7. Egg Carton Fire Starter:

Make your own fire starter for your garden and start the fire easily and quickly.

8. DIY Composting Toilet:

Create a functional compost toilet and begin your turning your waste in to homemade fertilizer for your plants to help them grow well.

9.DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp:

If there is no power in your homestead, don’t worry use Mason jar oil lamp which is handy and it is quite easy to make too.

10.Smokehouse From Pallets:

Use aluminum roofing material and recycled wood pallets to build your own smoker to control the smoked meat process.

11. Make Your Own Canned Pickles:

You can use fresh cucumbers to make canned pickles in an easy way. Take suggestions from your neighbor homesteader who helps you to make canned pickles in an easy way.

12.PVC Watering Grid:

If you want to water your large areas of the garden, use this PVC watering grid system and stop wasting water for everything.

13.Homemade Biscuits From Scratch:

It acts perfect for any meal. All you need is a little amount of baking soda, 2-3 tablespoons of butter, white flour and milk. Mix all ingredients until it makes the dough and make them in round biscuits and keep it in the oven for 15-20 minutes to have tasty biscuits on your table.

14. Make Homemade Goat Cheese:

Raising goats in your homestead will also allow you to make wonderful homemade goat cheese with its milk. It tastes excellent and healthy for your body too.

15.Preserve Milk For Survival:

You can preserve milk in five easy ways such as dehydrating, freezing, salting, canning and condensing which helps them to use them in different ways.

16.Learn To Bake Without An Oven:

With all the properties in homestead, you can even learn how to bake all other items without using the oven too.

17. Make Homemade Vinegar:

This vinegar can be made from wastes of apple by baking a lot of pies or canning peeled apples. All you need to do is put the peelings, bruised fruit into a wide mouth jar and cover it with cold water. Now, store this jar in a warm place and add fresh peelings, chores and bruised apples from time to time.

18. Make Your Own Beef Tallow:

It’s better for you to choose beef fat which is healthy and best. Dry rendering beef fat and trim it. Chop it into manageable chunks now run fat through the food processor until its consistency of ground meat. Dump this fat in a large stockpot or slow cooker and use very low heat to begin melting.

Stir it occasionally and make sure it’s not burning. Once the crispy bits floating on top strain tallow through the piece of cheesecloth to remove all folates. Now pour this into a jar and allow it to harden completely and use this for frying French fries, in pastries, etc.

19.Preserve Tomatoes With Canning Jars:

Let’s see the process. Take fresh and ripe tomatoes, wash them now place a large pot on the stove and bring it to boil. Now remove the skin of your tomatoes and put them in boiling water for few minutes. Remove them from the water and cut them into small pieces after few minutes and put them into the jar by adding 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice in it. Fill all the jars with tomatoes and lemon juice. Keep these jars with sealing in other large pots by filling them with water. In this way, you can preserve tomatoes with canning jars for longer days.

20.Soda Cans Solar Heater:

Don’t throw your used soda tins into the dustbin. Store them to make a soda cans solar heater which helps in keeping your room warm enough. The best part about using this soda can is you can easily adapt it to any home.

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