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17 Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

If you are a Gardener and a pet lover. Your dog and cat may be the ones that are going to chew off the leaves of your plants at certain times. How to ensure that both of them are fine? We have a number of suggestions for the pet-safe plants for your household.


Sinningia speciosa are the gift plants presented mainly on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day. The plant is a beautiful one and has bright flowers. This is a harmless plant if you have a pet cat or dog.

2. African violet

Saintpaulia has beautiful leaves. The dog in your house may have the need to chew off plants and the leaves. This is an indoor plant safe for dogs, and is very hardy on its own grows back quickly when the dogs chew the leaves off.

pet-safe plants.
3. Baby tears

Soleirolia soleirolii is a wonderful plant to teach discipline to your cat. It will prevent your cat from scratching at every available ground space. It is an indoor plant cat safe.

4. Banana

Musa or banana plants may come as a surprise for you as it is a plant for indoor purposes. But these plants look very beautiful in the rooms and are completely harmless incase you have pets.

5. Spider plant

Chlorophytum is a plant that helps in the purification of the air in great quantities. This is a very good trait for any plant in the household.

6. Venus flytrap

Dionaea muscipula carnivorous plant which is going to be a cool addition to your household and what more, it is completely harmless to the cats and dogs of your house.

7. Areca plant

Dypsis lutescens is also known as the butterfly palm and is a wonderful source of a game to the cats. The cats love swatting at the leaves of this indoor plant.

8. Boston fern

Nephrolepis has thick foliage which is very good and attractive for the pets of your house to chew on. The happy news is these leaves are completely non-toxic in nature.

9. Calathea

Calathea spp. is another plant which is also known as the zebra plant or the peacock plant. The foliage is very thick and the plant is harmless for cats and dogs.

10. Friendship plant

Pilea involucrata is an indoor plant that has thin stems and can thrive in humid conditions. It grows up well and the height of the foliage prevents your cat or dog from nibbling on it.

11. Polka dot plant

Hypoestes Phyllostachys is the best plant for the household as the leaves are a funny and cute assortment of dots in the polka design. It is nontoxic to the dogs and cats of your family.

12. Peperomia

Peperomia is another hanging indoor plant. This is usually hung on troughs and thus is harmless to the pets in your family.


Orchidaceae is the prettiest pants you can have in your indoors. The best part of this plant is that they are completely non-toxic to dogs and cats of the household too.

14. Mosaic plant

Fittonia spp. has the lovely design of mosaic on the leaves and do not cause harm to the pets of your family.

15. Asparagus fern

Asparagus aethiopicus is a plant to be kept indoors because of its low requirements and the harmless nature of cats and dogs.

16. Bromeliad plant

The Bromeliaceae is the one that can be grown inside in a humid environment and bright light. These are pet-safe plants.

17.Ponytail palm

Beaucarnea recurvata is the source of fun to any cat because of the droopy leaves which the cats love to swat at.

These are some of the best plants for your household if you have pets. You can easily put them in your house to keep your pet and your plant in harmony.

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