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15 Best Plants For Summer Season

Summer season is here! It is the right time to grow flowering plants that feature vibrant hues. If you are looking for best flowering plants then you are at the right place. The plants shown in this article will sure make your garden to stand out. Additionally, you can even harvest some of those beauties to fill your empty vases or to present for your special ones.

15 Best Plants For Summer Season:

  • Antirrhinum:

Antirrhinums are known for their incredibly long flowering period and flower spikes. They are also mesmerizing mouth flowers that open up when squeezed. They are good source of nectar for bees, so if you want to grow a bedding plant this summer that attracts bees easily, this plant is perfect.

source: gardenia.net
  • Penstemon:

Penstemon is long blooming plant that produces beautiful vibrant flowers. The flowers can be seen in different shades like violet, purple and blue. It can easily last from late spring until summer and considered as one of the easiest plant to grow with low maintenance.

  • Daylily:

Daylilies are beautiful plants that produce wonderful flowers that last just only for one day. But a succession of them opens up day in and day out, that makes your garden look more beautiful than before.

  • Lobelia:

Lobelia is another wonderful plant that produces flowers of waterfalls of colors. Additionally, when this plant is grown in hanging baskets or containers, they will improve your home façade. You can easily find number of varieties in lobelia and it’s up to you to choose the best one to grow in your garden. They are long flowering and can easily complement with any summer bedding schemes.

  • Black Eyes Susan:

The black eyed susan is a drought tolerant perennial plant that produces late summer to early fall color. This plant can thrive on sites where a lot of plants do not thrive such as rocky terrains or dry hillsides. So, if you live in areas where not lot of flowers survives you can try growing this plant in your garden. 

  • Baby’s Tears Helxine:

Babys tears helxine is a green beauty and fast growing plant that has slow spreading habit. Growing this plant in containers will have the tendency to spill beautifully on its sides. However, it will not grow too far since the creeping stems will not be able to thrive without getting in contact with the soil. Even though this plant can easily survive in summer, you must water it regularly to support its healthy growth.

  • Ivy:

Ivy plant is a perfect summer plant to decorate your front garden with lush green leaves. You can grow this plant in containers, pots as well as in your garden.

  • Coleus:

Coleus has beautiful vibrant and color foliage that make your garden look stunning from summer until frost. You can grow this beautiful plant in containers as well as in garden.

  • African Violet:

African violet is one of the most beautiful flowering plants that are easier to grow. They bloom all year around with little efforts and make your garden more beautiful. This is the best plant for beginners who want to grow a flowering plant in their yard. You can find hundred different varieties of African Violets and some of these have variegated foliage that will make your garden look awesome.

  • Bromeliads:

Bromeliads bring sense of tropics and sun kissed climate to your space when planted in your garden. Growing them is quite easy and they are known for their texture and color. If you are looking for a plant to add some color to your garden that would bring life, then choose bromeliad.

  • Cone Flower:

Cone flowers are loaded with many medicinal properties. So growing them in your garden will not only add some beautiful colors, but also helps you to make a tasty herbal tea with its leaves.

  • Sweet Peas:

Sweet peas are considered as one of the best and fantastic garden bedding plant. You can leave the plant until it reaches up to 1.8 meter long or you can opt for dwarf sweet peas that serve as ground cover at the front of borders and beds. They are wide variety of colors with delightful fragrance make them perfect for summer garden plants.

  • Geranium:

Geranium is one of the famous plants to be grown especially in summer season. This is sun loving plant that thrives easily in hot weathers and produces beautiful blooms throughout the season. This plant can be grown indoors in containers as well as can be planted in the garden as beds or borders.

  • Hostas:

Hostas are another best foliage plant to grow in light to medium shade. However it can also survives easily in summer too. You can find them in different range of shapes, colors and sizes. Hostas are much loved for the flowers they produce and easy to grow plant as well as truly resilient. 

  • Caladium:

Caladium is a stunner and perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It produces heart shaped leaves which look beautiful when grown beside colorful flowering plants. When your favorite flowers bloom for up to a week or two, the caladiums increases their beauty by producing beautiful colored leaves all summer long.

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