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15 Awesome Balcony Garden Ideas

Balcony gardening is one of the best way to live a happy life in your modern designed home. If you have a desire to have such an attractive place with space saving furniture and beautiful decorative items, just scroll down to know excellent ideas of balcony gardening.

Creating a balcony garden is fun and fulfilling too. However, sometimes the hardest thing is to get started because some balconies are created to complement the existing home design and décor. By seeing all the ideas shown below, you can easily create fabulous space without spending much money. Make sure all plants in your balcony get enough sunlight to survive easily and water them adequately that adds attraction to your space.

balcony garden ideas for your home

15 Awesome Balcony Garden Ideas:

Micro Park:

Do you think creating Micro Park in your balcony space is possible? Yes, of course you can easily create beautiful Micro Park by using some wood crates.  Hanging garden boxes will not only add beautiful appearance for your space, but it also provides additional growing space on the balcony railing in this design. Add tiny herbs in the small terra cots and line them in the side of your balcony.

Culinary Creations:

With this idea you can grow wide variety of food and herbs in small space. Use wooden pallet and chalkboard paint to create culinary that can be at your fingertips. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom of each level to allow water to pass through while creating vertical balcony garden. This simple revision will keep all your plants away from root rot and prolongs the life of wood. Additionally, while using pallets for edible gardening make sure the wood hasn’t been treated with wood preservations that can easily leach in to your plants.

Add Color To Your Small Space:

Adding bright colors brings emphasis to your balcony garden. Turn your balcony wall in to creative work of tangible art using well placed colorful pots. Matching plant markers keep the plants organized without attracting too much attention of anyone. You can also add a net around the balcony that allows the door to be open ushering in fresh air and an unobstructed view from home, without the fear of birds or leaves flying in.

Vertical Terra Cotta:

Never forget about hooks when it comes to balcony gardening, they are great for hanging baskets or hanging terra cotta pots. This garden design include simple eye hole hooks that connects pots using metal rods, bolts and washers. The metal rods used in this design create a sort of rain chain between all the pots allowing water to flow from top to bottom. Therefore watering plants on the top of hanging plants will save water from draining out on the ground.

Private Oasis:

Private oasis is constructed using a creative balcony design it’s all about placing the plants at the edge in taller post that creates privacy to take advantage of the existing tree. Using pillows and blanket in this design will make it an extension for your home to spend your free time with the fresh air. The wood you used in this design need to be stained a dark gray providing the perfect canvas for it. Additionally, the water pitcher used in this design is an invitation to sit and relax.

Extension Of Home:

This is one of the best and wonderful balcony garden ideas. Bringing traditionally used indoor pieces to this space gives your balcony an indoor room feels. Place some garden pots with flowers, citrus tree in a metal bucket and flowers which are blooming in the recycled wooden crate.  Herbs and flowers growing in wooden shelves add an old wooden chair seats a beautiful pink flower in the corner of your space. You can even extend it of the awing to give it a tearoom ambiance.

The hanging Garden:

Hanging pots and baskets are the best keys when you want to create a balcony garden in a narrow space. This design allows many plants to grow in often neglected overhead space by attaching planters to the balcony and the best part is it doesn’t require more space. Fill the floor space with a few pots and for this idea the end of the balcony is reserved for floor space, because most of the garden is grown above and on the side of your balcony.

Rail Garden:

Creating rail garden uses no tools or skills to install them and they are available in different colors. Simply, decade on what flower, herb, or vegetable to plant and that’s it you are done! Beside these planters, the best thing about them is portability and if you have an area that gets more sunlight then it’s easy for you to grow other plants on the other side of your balcony.

Colorful Shade:

Try shelving in your balcony to add some cleaner look and be sure to pick out pots with similar style. Adding those pots to your balcony garden will make it a nice element of colors without being overbearing. Take in to account the amount of sunlight to your plants will receive when choosing plants for your balcony garden. If your balcony is fully covered, shade lovers may be your key to implement this garden idea. 

Entertainment Balcony:

If you love to spend most of your time in your balcony even with your friends and dear ones, then this idea balcony garden idea works best for you. This balcony décor combines several styles of furniture and using white and black color combination will make it more shabby chic than mismatched. Add a rug to anchor the space and the wood tiles provide a nice contrast to the white furniture.

Black And White Simplicity:

Black and white is a monochromatic color scheme that allows your eyes to rest. Generally, monochromatic color is far away from boring because the brain is not visually stimulated. Black color is often associated with elegance and the color white gives the feel of cleanliness. Combining white and black color gives the illusion of more space while the striped rug grounds the area for a sense of stability. 

Private Cabana:

Cabanas are not just for beach anymore as this balcony garden idea will make it easier for you to make in your home. Just cover the back wall with bamboo roll that carries over to the front of your balcony. Because bamboo rolls are completely inexpensive and can be found easily at home improvement stores with fencing. The deck adds additional space on this balcony while greenery of your plants gives color and contributes to the cabana feel.

Yard Balcony:

We all love to go for a simple walk every evening to experience that fresh air in green atmosphere that gives us peace, right? As a matter of fact, no plant is off limits. Potted plants create a park atmosphere while the rocks around the decking keep this design grounded and authentic looking. This garden design is complete with a park bench and stepping stones in your balcony.

Ammo Garden:

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box, don’t worry not this time. Use chains to hang from eye hooks on the balcony ceiling and ammunition boxes are secured to the chain by drilling a hole in each side of box. Make sure to use a washer, screws, and bolts to prevent root rot. The wood paneled wall provides the perfect backdrop for this display and use spray paint to brighten the boxes up.

Tiny Garden:

No matter what, you always need your own space to enjoy. This balcony garden idea can be made by using right tools where it can mount metal bars to your wall and attach a few planters. You can grow many vegetables and herbs like peppers, sweet potatoes, lavender, basil, sage and lemongrass that creates delightful aroma and offers edible advantages. Using stool, pillow and decorative sign create an extension of the homes décor.


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