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12 Seeds To Sow For Food in Less Than a Month

Gardening is all about growing our own food and planning according to the season, for best harvest. Well, most of the seeds you sow at this time of the year in most temperature climates will be sown under cover or indoors or just inside your home. That means you don’t need to have a garden to grow some seeds inside of your space. We are going to see such 12 seeds to sow for food in less than a month. Before that have a look on some tips of sowing seeds.

Tips For Sowing Seeds:

You need not to know everything about gardening, just give it a go. Even the least green fingered among us can grow few plants to supplements our diets, but there are few things to keep in mind while sowing seeds.

  • Choose The Right Spot:

South facing windowsill is an ideal location to grow any type of vegetable especially indoors. 

  • Provide Them Right Temperatures To Germinate:

Seeds need the right temperature, water and oxygen to germinate and begin to grow at the right pace. So, make sure to provide them right temperature or check out seed packets which will help you out when you are growing vegetables indoors.

  • Give Your Seedlings A Good Start:

For fast growing seeds, as long as they get enough sunlight and are kept at right temperature water is the only thing you need to look after. Try to water them with rain water, especially if you have municipal supply. If you don’t have any harvested rain water, use tap water for your seedlings. 

Why Sow Seeds For Fast Growing Edible Plants?

Sowing your seeds will supplement your diet with fresh greens and other salad crops within four weeks time. They are nutrients dense and good for your health too. The food you grow obviously won’t give you all the calories you need to survive. But they will take you lot further down the road to self reliance. 

Growing these fresh greens will not only give you extra calories and plenty of nutrients, but the results will also give you much needed boost.

12 Seeds To Sow For Quick Results:

They are many seeds you can sow now and harvest later in the year and number of seeds you can sow now and enjoy them for upcoming years or decades. But, here are 12 seeds to sow now and have small edible harvest within a month.

  • Lettuce:

Lettuce is a quick crop and there is huge range of different varieties to choose from. All you need to do is sow loose leaf and the best part about growing it is you can harvest its leaves as required and new leaves will grow. That means you can continue to crop these lettuces over quite a long period.

lettuce is a very fast growing veggie you can harvest in less than a month

However, loose leaf lettuce comes in different varieties and colors, textures as well as tastes so can add in lot of varieties of salads. Harvest small lettuce leaves for salads after four weeks and will be able to continue to harvest small quantities of leaves for several months to come.

  • Mizuna:

Mizuna is an Asian green which is a peppery leaf vegetable and considered as another great cut and come again crop just like lettuce. You can harvest its younger leaves at a time from each plant within four weeks and the process repeats.

  • Mibuna:

Mibuna is similar to Mizuna which can be grown and used in exactly the same way. While Mizuna has feathery leaves, its leaves are long and thin. Again, you can begin harvesting a few small leaves within a month or so and continue to harvest from prolific plants over months to come.

  • Mustard Greens:

Mustard greens are another cut and come crops to grow indoors. There are number of different varieties to choose from for mixed salads, including green leaf varieties and red leaf varieties. These peppery and flavorsome leaves are another healthy addition to your home grown diet.

  • Arugula:

Arugula is another green leafy vegetable that you should consider sowing for quick harvest in your indoor garden. This is another peppery and flavorsome leafy vegetable that grows quickly and prolifically.

  • Baby Spinach:

Spinach grows slower when compared with other vegetables shown above in this article. Regardless its slow growth, you can begin or harvest baby spinach leaves in just a month.

Spinach is one of the most delicious green vegetable with mild and pleasant flavor that lends itself perfectly to a wide range of dishes. 

  • Pak Choi:

Pak choi is Asian green which can harvest the first small leaves in four weeks when grown in right conditions. Just like lettuce and spinach, the young leaves of pak choi are excellent in salad or sandwich and even when you harvest small quantities of leaves early, you can still let the plants grow.

  • Chard:

Chard is another leafy vegetable to sow in your garden. While chard still won’t be very big a month, but the tiny leaves can still be harvested in small quantities early in its growth. However, they will keep on growing in abundance over the coming months.

  • Beet Beets:

Baby sown now won’t be ready to harvest for their roots for another couple of months. But it is worth considering sowing them to harvest their greens much sooner. Beet leaves are often discarded, but these are edible crop.

  • Radishes:

If you are little board with all green leafy vegetables, then sow some radishes. You can easily harvest little radishes of certain varieties within four to six weeks. Sow few radishes little and often you can make sure you have good supply of salads throughout the season.

  • Green Onions:

You can also sow some sets of green onions for quick supply of green onions. Simply chop off the tops as you need them, however they will continue to regrow.

  • Turnips:

While larger turnips will obviously take much time to grow, some small and fast growing can be ready to harvest within four to six weeks just like radishes. Remember that as well as harvesting those tiny roots, you can also harvest the leaves which can be added to other brassicas.

Growing your own does not always go according to plan, but you will find a number of ways that make you more excited to learn and providing the right things for yourself as well as for your family.

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