Womens homestead gardeing HOMESTEADING 12 Months of Homesteading {One thing for every month to grow your homestead}

12 Months of Homesteading {One thing for every month to grow your homestead}

all year homesteading plan sheet

Homesteading will not be successful without a perfect planning. It doesn’t matter whether you live in country, have barns, or in town, or in an apartment. There are many things you can do in your homestead. You may not be able to do everything, but you can definitely do something.

So, if you are dreaming of becoming perfect homesteader, this article is for you. However it’s easy to get excited when you begin, but you must slow down to work out everything in the right way. Remember that you have lot of time and there’s no expiration date on your homesteading journey.

Every part of homesteading journey has failures as well as success. Failures will help you figure out what works for you and for your family on homestead. It was still an experience. Keep these little things in your mind while starting homestead and check out the below list for starting homestead in sense.

How To Start Homesteading With 12 Months Of Homesteading Plan:

Check out monthly homesteading plan to be a extraordinary homesteader by end of the year.


Start Reading And Researching:

January is the time to read and research everything on homesteading, depending on where you live you may not be able to start outdoor projects due to weather. This will help you to determine what you want to try and what you prefer to grow for our family.


Plan A Garden:

February is the time to plan your garden, again depending on where you live you can start your seedlings indoors. If you are new to gardening, make your own seed pots by using newspapers or toilet paper rolls. Choose vegetables and crops that are easy to grow for the first time. As a beginner, start small and add to it each year which works well that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed and help you to learn different tricks to grow different things.


Learn To Cook From Scratch:

The internet has tons of recipes, tutorials and videos to learn how to cook from scratch basically. You don’t need to cool all things from scratch, but if you tend to use mostly convenient foods now is a good time to give some up. Check out tutorials to learn how to back your own food.


Build A Coop:

Building a coop help you in the upcoming month, there are many ways you can do this. You can find many tutorials in internet, built it out of a metal shed or buy one if you prefer.


Buy Baby Chicks:

Spring is the perfect time to start your chickens owing journey if you live somewhere to have chickens. Baby chicks are pretty much first animal every homesteader start with. Because they are very easy to raise and don require lot of space too. If you live somewhere where you can’t raise chickens, then consider raising rabbits.


Start Making Your Own Soap:

Soap making is one of the fun activities in homestead and also a great thing to make big batch in the afternoon, providing your house with soap for rest of the year. You can even sell it to make extra money. Learn basic from online to make soap with proper safety precautions.


Make Beeswax Candles:

So you know how to make soaps, making candles is piece of cake for you now. Well, beeswax candles are healthier option to burn in your home compared with other paraffin candles. They will give you soft glow and easily becomes staple in your home.


Buy Some Meat Birds To Raise:

If raising chickens is quite easy for you and you aren’t overwhelmed, consider raising some chickens for meat. If you love knowing that your meat is free of anything added, then it is considered as short commitment. The time it takes to raise meat birds varies when compared with normal chickens.

If butchering them is not your thing or you just don’t want to do too much fast you can easily bring them to a butcher to have processed.


Learn How To Do Canning:

Canning is a common way homesteaders to preserve food, especially from the garden. Canning might seem scary first, but it doesn’t seem to be hard once you learn how to do it.


Make Some Cleaning Products:

There is a satisfaction in making your own cleaning products for your home as well as for your garden. It is not complicated, and you can even save lot of money too.


Make Your Own Dairy Products:

Making your own dairy product is a skill that can really benefit you as a homesteader. You can easily make your own cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter etc well the possibilities are endless.


Make Homemade Christmas Gifts:

It’s super easy to make homemade Christmas gifts to present your dear ones. If you try to do it all at once there is more of likelihood that you’ll become overwhelmed and give up. So, give yourself enough time and understand that your homestead will come together over time.

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