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10 Vegetables You Can Start In August For A Full Fall Harvest

August is here! Even though it’s still hot in many parts of US, you can still grow some vegetables and herbs to harvest them before frost hits. Here are 10 best vegetables to start in august and still get full harvest.

10 Vegetables You Can Start In August For A Full Fall Harvest:

  • Cabbage:

Cabbage loves cool weather and that is why cabbage planted in March doesn’t do so well due to heat of June, so late planting is far better.

Plant cabbage in the month of august and if you haven’t seen them fully matured by the end of the frost, just harvest those large leaves for wraps for your salads and sandwiches.

  • Garlic:

Garlic is one of the easiest herbs to grow in august. Plant them in late august and over wintered for harvest in June the following year. Try growing elephant varieties for milder taste or for herbal remedies.

  • Mustard Greens:

Plant mustard green now and harvest them after a light frost. Water them consistently during the hot days of august and never use them for wraps after harvest. Add them to your salads and other delicious dishes.

  • Radishes:

Radishes are one of the easiest root vegetable to grow anytime especially in cool weathers. They can easily withstand light frost but a hard frost will do them in. planting them now will help you harvest within 30 days.

Vegetables You Can Start In August
  • Spinach:

When planting spinach look for a site with full sun to light shade. If the soil is cool enough, early august is the perfect time for fall harvest. 

Plant them half an inch to full inch deep and about one inch apart in each row. Make sure the soil drains well. 

  • Beets:

Beets are fast growing root vegetable that grow almost anywhere. Even though they sound boring, they can easily provide the basis for a wide range of tasty recipes. Plant them now to harvest when the fall ends.

  • Peas:

Choose early maturing varieties and consider green or sugar peas because they taste wonderful. Plant them now to harvest them in the fall season. If you have too many to preserve all at once, you can easily use them in your stews, soups in small batches of winter.

  • Lettuce:

Lettuce is one of the easiest green leafy vegetable to grow anywhere in your garden. Start sowing your lettuce now and you can easily harvest them by the end of fall season. Make sure to choose early maturing varieties for great results.

  • Cover Crops:

Cover crops such as clover, alfalfa can easily help to preserve your top soil and add nutrients to feed your plants in the following spring season. Pick one of them depending on your zone and start now so they’re established before frost sets in.

  • Kale:

Start planting kale by mid august in your garden and wait until after a mild frost to harvest. If you’re cool with cold frames, you might be able to overwinter if you plant your kale in a southern facing exposure.

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