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10 Tomato Support Ideas For High Yielding Tomato Plants

Tomatoes! There are many methods to consider when you want to support them for better yield. Well, some gardeners suggest of simply allowing tomato plants to sprawl where they will. Some will advise you to make use of trellis so that you can produce more tomatoes in a small area.

In this article, we are going to see 10 best tomato support ideas for high yielding tomato plants in your garden. Before that, check out why tomato plants need support.

Why Support Tomato Plants?

Generally, tomato plants have upright growth habit and that’s the reason they can easily damaged by winds and weather. So, providing some support for your plants will help them to grow strong and keep their stems unbroken and fruits off from the ground. 

Supporting tomato plants also helps in preventing tomato diseases through limiting overcrowding and keeping plants from resting too closely against each other. 

You can also have healthier and easier harvest. You can find fruits easily and often more comfortable picking them at height.

As I said earlier, there are many different types of support ideas you can use it on your tomatoes plants. 10 of those best supporting ideas are shown below.

10 Supporting Ideas For High Yielding Tomato Plants:

  • DIY Bamboo Trellis:

If you have your own bamboo in your garden, then you can use canes in many ways. Bamboo canes are also used to make your own DIY bamboo support trellis for your tomato plant. 

All you need to do is, simply tie bamboo canes together with natural twine to create a number of different trellis designs for your plants including tomato.

  • Pallet Wood Trellis:

If you need a sturdier trellis, then this works perfect for you. Pallet wood trellis can be very strong and sturdy, great not only for tomato plants but also for pumpkin, squash and other vining plants you grow in your garden.

  • Livestock Panel Trellis:

Livestock Panel or section of fencing could also repurpose as a simple and sturdy tomato trellis. 

All you need to do is place it upright or leant up against a fence, that’s it. One of these metal fencing sections can give your tomato plants the support they need for their healthy growth.

  • Reclaimed Pipe Trellis:

If you have old pipes that are left from plumbing job around your home, simply use them in your vegetable garden for sturdy growth of plants. Generally, old pipes are often used to make hoop house frames for new greenhouse structures. But, you can also use them to make reclaimed pipe trellis for your tomato plants.

  • DIY Natural Branch Tomato Cage:

Natural branches are useful and flexible resource of plants and they are something many of us have access to. So, whenever you prune your garden, keep the branches to one side and use them as support and for other purposes around your garden. Make them cages and use it to support your tomato plants.

  • Up cycled Wood Tomato Wood Cage:

You don’t need to restrict yourself for using natural branches either.  Just like pipe trellis you can also use up cycled or reclaimed wood to make sturdy cage which supports your tomato plants.

  • Metal Fencing Tomato Cage:

If you want something strong or sturdier for bigger tomato plants or those with heavier fruits. Bend around old metal fencing panels in a similar way to support them.

  • T-Bar Cordon Frame:

Make T-Bar type support from which to hang your cordon wires or strings.

  • Simple Tall Wooden Stakes Or Canes:

Use can also use single wooden stakes or garden canes as support for your tomato plants. As long as they are strong enough, forcing them in to ground can hold them upright. And typing them as they grow can provide sufficient support for your plants to grow healthy fruit.

  • Rectangular Frames:

Rectangular frames often used on raised bed or other growing area with wires or string hanging from it to allow for the best plant spacing. It also helps in upright growth of tomato plants to have healthy harvest.

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