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10 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas: #8 Is So Easy!

Most of us don’t live in big houses where we can have our own garden. But, it doesn’t mean that we can’t create the one that looks absolutely stunning in our indoor spaces. Whether you are living in a small apartment or a big house, here are some amazing ideas to create a beautiful indoor garden without struggling. The best part about an indoor garden is, it is easy to care and maintain.


10 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas:

  • Cup Garden:

This is a wonderful idea especially for kid’s party or some kind of crafting event. As cactuses and succulents do well with minimum water and care, all you need to do is plant them in your favorite mugs or cups or anything that you want to use for your tiny garden. The possibilities are endless when you try.

  • Mini Garden:

Mini gardens are not only adorable, they are even affordable too. You can fill this mini garden with rocks, statues, plants and other decorative materials to bring nature in to your home. As it is very tiny, there is no need to worry about the space it takes or about the time you need to spend with.

  • Chicken Garden:

As the mini garden is very tiny, you can add some chickens to the mix. Placing them in your favorite spots will become trendy in shops and boutiques. They just bring charm of your regular mini garden and everyone is going to want one. 

  • Window Herbs:

Herbs do well in small pots. Fresh herbs add more tasty to your favorite dishes. So, plant them in your favorite mugs, cups or whatever you feel comfortable with and then place them at the windowsill to get enough amount of light. Since the planters are in a area where you see every day, you would easily remember to water them every day and look after them day to day basis.

  • Water Garden:

This is a simple idea where you can include your fishes in to the mix. Take a plant such as fern where its roots can easily withstand complete water submersion which add an interesting element to your space. Some plants roots provide food for your fish, while the fish’s waste acts as nutrition for your plants. It’s a symbolic relationship which is not only cool, but also lovable.

  • Vertical Indoor Garden:

To create a vertical indoor garden, you need network of tiny cups to help the plants grow to their fullest potential. You can plant anything from herbs, to strawberries, vegetables using this wonderful idea. This works perfect for the people who want to have a gardening as a hobby. Make sure to place it where all the plants get enough amount of sunlight throughout the day.

  • Boxed Display Garden:

By using this idea, you can grow cactuses and succulents to arrange them in a display like one depicted. The best part about it is you can place it anywhere and don’t need to worry about the water it all time since cactuses and succulents are self sufficient.

  • Corner Garden:

For creating this garden, you need a little space in any corner of your home. This garden utilizes heat and condensation to keep your plants healthy and happy as well. You can grow herbs, vegetables and all sorts of other plants using this unique idea, it even looks pretty adorable as well. 

  • Windowsill Planters:

You can grow succulents and cactuses easily using windowsill planters. Use repurposed wood to add them to your windowsill planters to make them look more adorable and cute. They can easily liven up any space including outdoors, just try it in your home and enjoy a little garden.

  • Plastic Bottle Planters:

Instead of throwing away all the plastic bottle in to the bin, use them for growing some plants in your home. This is an awesome idea which looks not only cute, it is even impressive for anyone who has the pleasure to see it. Additionally, you are setting an example for friends and family to be a greener.

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